Monday, 17 November 2014

Design Wall Monday

On my wall there is 21 nameless blocks (I still don't know the name of these) but I do love to make them.

so I made some more ...

Then I thought it needed some brighter colours so I made some more ...

The yellow ones are not very photogenic. They look better in person. My favorite one is the bottom left purple. Oh! it's pretty.

I also did 43 little 9 patch blocks ...

I have more then one project in mind for these. One quilt asks for 229 9-patch, the second is closer to 290 and the third quilt asks for only red and orange-y 9 patch about 245 of those for a grand total of 764! Oh my! I will be manufacturing these little blocks all winter long.  :D

Hope you don't get tired of seeing these. Joining all the other lovely projects on Design Wall at Patchwork Times.

To put the needle to the fabric is such a lovely way to end a day. May yours be pieceful too.

Enjoy!   ;^)


  1. And here I thought 141 nine patches was overwhelming! Your blocks look great. I'll be watching your progress for ideas. I took mine down off the wall this evening in frustration.

  2. Both sets of blocks are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  3. J'aime beaucoup "les blocs sans noms" !! :)
    Pour les nine patch, j'ai l'impression que tu te diriges vers un grand quilt !! Heureusement que tu le fais avec d'autres blogueuses, c'est plus motivant !!

  4. Your design wall looks great!

  5. so many fantastic blocks..... I think yoiu have your winter entertainment sorted!

  6. I love your blocks, and think the lower right corner one speaks to me :-)
    The nine patches look like great fun, making them throughout the winter sounds very tempting.

  7. great projects! I don't the name of that block either, but it's great -


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