Sunday, 16 November 2014

Slow Snowing??

It's Slow Stitching Sunday and the snowflakes are falling so ever slowly in my backyard.

I started to play with the Quilt of the Century again. I have neglected that one for quite a while. Time to get back at it. Row number 24 is completed and I did attached one diamond so row 25 is officially started.

Is the quilt half done ? Maybe! I am starting to be eager to finish it so it might end up shorter than first planned.

Hope you find some time to slow stitch too and to join us at Kathy's Quilt for a little inspiration and sharing some eye candy.  You can find some more at A Quilting Reader's Garden with Angie.

Enjoy the snow.  I ♥ the first snow because I know it won't last. :D



  1. Way to persevere! Just take it one row at a time and don't give up, slow and steady. I am visiting from Slow Sunday Stitching.

  2. Hello Chantal !
    Les hexagones sont à la mode depuis quelques mois et c'est tant mieux !! J'adore !!
    Si j'ai bien lu et compris, tu en es ...à la moitié de ton quilt ?
    Wow !! Quelle patience.....mais il est si beau !
    Bonne continuation et à bientôt !

  3. Love that quilt. Take it slow and steady. It is looking great.

  4. Such a pretty quilt! And we had some snow flurries this morning where I am :)

  5. You have such patience! The quilt is looking lovely so far, but I can understand the feeling of just wanting to be done!

  6. It looks so awesome!
    I decide how big some of my quilts are by when I am tired of working on them!!

  7. I just love all the hexies I see in blog land. Keep at it and go with the original plan. What's the rush? Put it away for a while and then get it out later when the urge strikes.

  8. Gorgeous quilt! I'm working on my MWFG ... Which is going to end up bigger than planned. I'd planned a small wall quilt but I love EPP so much and love how this is coming together so I'm still going. I might have to buy another fat quarter or five to make more blocks! Ha!

  9. Love this, simple but elegant looking! Enjoy your stitching today!

  10. I have loved watching this one grow.... love it... and in the heat we are having your snow looks wonderful...

  11. Snow?!?!?! It's just raining here, heavy and dark! I think your quilt looks wonderful, love the way you've created stripes. I've got a grandma's flower garden on the back burner at the mo, got a couple of others I want to finish first - but yours makes me want to get it out again! Popping over from Kathy's :)

  12. I just woke up to 4" of snow...time to break out the boots and snow shovel.... I love your hexie quilt! Keep going!

  13. Looking so pretty Chantal - slow but sure is always good. xx

  14. this is lovely Chantal; my grandparents were all from Canada--and I didn't speak English until I was 8 yrs old. Je me souviens....hugs, Julierose


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