Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Some interesting mending

At one point, I've said on my blog that my mending was done ... I lied!!    = 8^o

There is always something to mend!! A lot of it is caused by those pesky tags inside sweaters!  I hate them! They are not a piece of art, not inspiring, not even visible to other people. To top it off, they are made of the most scratchy fabric in town and most of the time, you can't remove it without making little holes in the sweater, especially the knitted kind (which I adore, btw.) Anyway! I will mend those sweaters too. (Sorry for the venting, but yes I do feel better now. ♪Thank you♫)

But I do have some mending that might interest you.

This little quilt is called "Almost Chief".  All HSTs done the hard way! I've found this pattern in a magazine back in 2007, that I've made in one day (remember the word "little" at the beginning? Okay.).  My back was stiff as a rod and driving me up the wall. I remember not being able to sit for any amount of time, (couldn't drive to work), standing up was okay for a bit but walking was better. Of course, the best position was lying down which I was completely fed up of. So I decided to cut up little pieces of fabric while I could stand, sew them while I could sit and ironed them up while walking in circle around the iron board and started the cycle all over again until I got myself a flimsy to reward my effort.

It's all cotton and measures 40 X 28.5.  As you can see it has a few, some, a lot of pointless points and uneven seams but it served its purpose: to keep my mind busy and off the pain. It is very cozy as I've used a piece of fleece for the backing. Recently I have noticed this,

Oooooh! :^{   HST needs some repair. More mending! Hopefully I'll find a little piece of this old fabric in one of the bins!

The next one belongs to my youngest son and I am NOT fixing it!

All the white fabric in this quilt is disappearing.

There's nothing left of this one. 
Even the flying geese have lost some feathers. This white fabric is the same my mother used for the quilt I showed you awhile back. You can find it here. Maybe there is something wrong with it? 
picture taken in 2005
It was made in the 2004-05 winter. It is only 10 years old and yet it is so used. 

The pattern is Bird's Nest but we call it " Finding Nemo". Can you see Nemo and his friends playing in the seaweeds? The white was representing the air bubbles but now it looks like it's all out of air! 

Even the boats on top and bottom are faded.  If I were to mend this, I'll be repairing this til death do us part. The reason for this abuse? He loves it too much. Even in the summer time, he sleeps with this quilt. Yes, yes, he sleeps on TOP of the quilt !! I wanted to remove it from his bed but he's having none of that!! On the other hand, isn't that why I made it in the first place?

So I'll keep making quilts in the hope that one day he falls in love with another one.

Now what to do with all of my mother's white fabric that I don't trust anymore?

String blocks!! 
Any other suggestions? 

Meanwhile, I will enjoy the beautiful sunshine we are having here today. Maybe tomorrow, it will rise and shine in your corner of the world. 

Enjoy! ;^) 


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

That's why I make quilts ... so they're loved and used and all worn out, giving me an excuse to make another quilt - or ten! Ha!

Fiona said...

It's wonderful that the quilts are so loved... I wonder what it is about that fabric....

Dawn said...

That is so sweet he loves the quilt! Not all fabrics are created equal. I would probably toss the fabric. Your time is valuable and sewing time limited, treat yourself to a good replacement white.

Lin said...

I agree with Dawn - ditch that fabric! However, lovely to read about such well loved quilts. xx

Ellen said...

Almost Chief is a wonderful quilt. I love the graphic nature of the colour and design.

It is wonderful that your son loves his quilt so much but too bad that the white fabric is not holding up. I think using it as a foundation for string blocks is perfect - waste not want not. If the white fabric fails at least it will be sandwiched within the quilt and I wouldn't think it would affect the integrity because the strings would still be pieced together.

CecileD said...

Je découvre ton blog et je suis ravie !! J'aimerais tant que mes fils aiment un de mes quilts autant que le tien !! hi !hi !
Bonne continuation !