Monday, 9 February 2015

Design Monday Wall

N.B. The give away in this post is now closed. 
Thanks to all that have participated. 

No! Wait! That's not right.

Wall Design Monday.  Noooo,  that's not it either. Almost look like Walt Disney Monday! Oh!  My! Dickens!  I am tired!!  I know it's Monday and ... I have something to share ...

I apologize for my ... what's the work I am looking for?  I. am. so. tired.  See, I started a new job today! Lots and lots of new things to learn. It is so different from working with the children. HA!! Tonight I feel my age. Not because my body aches but because of the tiredness... in my head!! My brains went to bed without me lol. I can't concentrate anymore!  Sorry.  It's a temporary change. I will go back to my real job in the Spring. Anyway, I digress.

BUT tonight, I have to post.

Yes, yes, I HAVE to post!

It's my blog's

 First anniversary!!

One year old already!! Of course it means some cake (No, not 80!! I just like the picture. Isn't it the cutest cake?)  and some gifts!! Okay, well, I won't send the cake by mail but I can send some fat quarters!  Since I have three boys, each one will draw one winner for a fat quarter. I was working with  children so I bought some fat quarters with children's hands and feet. Cute, right??

No, no need to drive all the way to Canada, through quarter mile high snowbanks and fight with polar bears to get to my door to enter the giveaway lol. Just leave me a comment please, and tell me if you prefer cake or pies, okay? DH is a pie person and I love cake except if it's a Shoo-Fly pie! YUMMM! The boys are teens/young adults so any food set before them disappears, lol!!

Anyway! I am also having a give away for the Grow Your Blog hop hosted by Vicki.  You can find the original post here.  All you need to do to win the beautiful red fat quarter in the picture, is to leave me a comment on the original post if you haven't done it already.

The winners will be announced on February 15, 2015.  So good luck every one, (yes, my far away and overseas friends, I will mail it anywhere on this planet.) and please make sure I can contact you if you win. Not sure if you are a no-reply commentator, leave your email address with your comment.

Thank you to each and everyone who has been following my humble beginning as a blogger and helped me along with inspirations, suggestions, directions, a different approach, ideas, laughter, kindness and sweet friendship. I appreciate, truly, each and every one of these moments. I have grown so much as a quilter in a year. Boy, this coming year will be a blast!!

♫♪♪ Yeah! ♪♫♪

So until next time ... oh wait a minute!  I was supposed to show you something ...

Oh yeah!

The wall!!! 


Oh! My! Where did it go??

Oh there it is ... it's on the floor!!  It has outgrown the wall.

I am finishing this one.  I still don't know the name of this block but when I saw this quilt on Sue Garman's blog (scroll almost all the way down), I fell in love with it so I made it. Now for the layout. I thought of assembling the same colours in groups. Do you like? Or maybe a diagonal setting would be better? (picture below)

or just random?  I know the pictures are not very good. It was overcast on Sunday and I couldn't hang it on the clothesline like I usually do. lol.  So it's on the floor in the playroom.

Uwwwhhhh! I don't know which one I prefer. How about you? Do you have a preference ?

I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times and on this note, ♫  I will say ...

Until next time ...  Good luck with the giveaways!



  1. Happy Birthday! or is it Anniversary! either way Congrats. I prefer for the layout, I use my floor too, make whichever one you like the best, your the one that will be looking at it...L

  2. First time to visit your page. Love the cake. I love cake and pie equally! As for the quilt, I am a random person! But all are beautiful!!

  3. Hello Chantal, Happy Blogaversary. Cute photo of the cake you put up.
    Well I don't each much cake or pie as I am on a Gluten Free diet and GF does not translate into great baking, at least not for me. (oh woe!) But all is not lost. I have recently found a GF cake mix for chocolate brownies which is great. So for the next few years at least, that might be my favourite.
    Of the three layout I like the first one I think. Nice block. I haven't seen it before.
    Good luck in your new job for the rest of your week.

  4. Mmm....decisions, decisions...they both look great but I am a random kinda cake kinda gal. Happy anniversary, 'tis always a delight to read your fun posts!

  5. Joyeux bloganniversaire !! Tu te rends compte ? A trois mois près, on ouvrait notre blog ensemble....Je ne sais pas toi, mais moi, à presque un an et quatre mois je suis fière du résultat et surtout, je ne regrette pas cette décision !! En tout cas, félicitations !! ;)
    Passons aux choses sérieuses : je suis plutôt tarte !! LOL !!
    Et je trouve ton quilt en diagonale, rangé par couleur très beau !!
    Et j'aime toujours autant tes blocs de nine-patch au fond bleu...3 de plus !!
    Allez, je discute je discute, mais il faut que je dessine !!
    Merci pour ce giveaway !
    Bisous et bon courage pour ton nouveau travail !! Be zen, be cool.....

  6. Many happy blog returns! I prefer the layout of the first picture, and I agree this is a delightful block.
    Pie or cake? That's difficult, but ultimately fruit cake, and the fruitier the better!

  7. Happy blogiversary!! I like the random layout. I like pie as well as cake both are just yummy.

  8. Happy blogaversary! I would have thought that I would have voted for the blocks to be laid out by color, but I'm finding that I prefer the random setting. While I like cake, I prefer pie ... and wish I had a piece right now. ;-)

  9. I prefer sweet tater pie to anything but don't get it often.

  10. Happy blogiversary... it has come round quick and I feel I have 'known' you for ages!!! I love your quilt... not sure which version I like best though....
    Me.... I'm a cake girl.... but I think you knew that!! still to try that shooflypie...

  11. This is a very pretty quilt. Happy blog anniversary, the first of many.

  12. Random. I love pie, but store bought pie isn't usually very good, so cake is top choice if it's at a restaurant or store bought. My home made apple pie is my favorite pie.

  13. Happy blog anniversary! And also congratulations on winning the hotpads from my blog for the Grow Your Blog party! Email me your mailing address, and I will get them out as quick as I can.

  14. Oh, and I liked the random best!


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