Sunday, 15 February 2015

First time

I've said 2015 will be a year of firsts !!

So in January I participated in the Grow Your Blog hop, my first blog hop! I had my first give away and my blog has celebrated its first year!! All in 2015 and we are only in February! Love it!!

I also wanted to participated in some block swap or challenge, so I've picked

This month, the theme was "DOTS".  I was not sure what to do but I thought it wouldn't be hard to find something, right? I mean DOTS!!  Every body has dots in their stash, right? I am no exception!  So I kind of set it aside, thinking it is easy and in the bag.  Last week I started a new job and was too tired to sew when I realized the challenge was for TODAY!! And I have DONE NOTHING for the challenge yet!  YIKES!!

So I looked at what I was working on. Oh! Look!  DOTS!! :D 

I made this little project at the end of January, my wonderful little rocking  footstool. 

After, I started to work on the cushion.  It was on my wall for a little bit. It was my leader/ender project while working on the RSC2015 blocks.

So now I have a pretty cushion for my wooden chair. I love it.  I've put a rusty pipping around it because I didn't like all the selvages "connecting" to each other.

I am very happy with my new little chair and footstool.  Now, all I need to do is paint the chair. I am looking for milk paint as I fell in love with the look it gives furniture. All I have found so far is recipes to make some but I really don't have time to look all over town for the ingredients. So, the chair will stay like this for a little while.

Another thing I am making with dots is Butterflies. See dots?

They are Fabric Origami Butterflies. I ♥♥♥ these.  They start with two rectangle sewn with right sides together then flipped inside out. Sew by hand the opening shut and press.
Then comes the folding, origami style . And voila! I hold it down with pins while I try both sides to see which is prettier.
Scissors and thimble to show the size of this little butterfly. 
Since this picture, this one was finished with the yellow on the inside and the red outside as in the first picture. I like it best. So, two done and two more to go because I want to give one to each winner of my giveaways.

I am linking with Le Challenge and with Slow Sunday Stitching hosted by Kathy as these little creatures have their folds tacked down by hand.  I also sew a pin at the back so the recipient can wear her butterfly on a purse, tote, coat lapel, hat, anywhere!  Did I say I ♥ these!!

Next is the winners announcement post. (I AM trying to hurry lol.)
See you in a bit.



  1. Hello Chantal! Love your selvage cushion and footstool... what a clever use of the fabric! Those little origami butterflies look really pretty! Congratulations on a great start to 2015! :) xx

  2. I didn't realize you made a cushion to match your footstool! How cute! And those little butterflies ... simply adorable! Whoever wins them will be blessed indeed!

  3. Hi Chantal: I love those little butterflies. Good luck with your new job.

  4. Mais ouiiiiiiii !! On voit les pois !! Tu peux donc participer au challenge !! Vas y....fonce !! :)))
    Trop mignon ton papillon et tout petit rikiki !! Perso j'adore !!
    Bonne fin de journée Chantal !

  5. Good idea to use the selvedge dots for the challenge! I like the chair pad and stool a lot, and the butterfly - folding method is quite unique. It brought to mind a needle holder my mother has, I will have to ask her about it as this is a very old memory for me...

  6. Those butterflies are great. I had always thrown away my selvages, but I have seen many projects that use them. Now I have to find a place to store them.

  7. Your footstool is fantastic! I love the butterflies. I'm going to,give them a try.

  8. Your footstool is so cool and everything matches with a chairpad a it is awesome too! I really like your butterflies but the stool is my favorite! Did you follow a pattern or book for construction! I have saved my selvages for years but still never did anything, maybe my chairpad for my sewing chair!

  9. Love those matching selvage items! So cute! And the butterflies are neat! What will you do with them? They'd make a cute addition to a Spring time wreath!

  10. Those butterflies are so so cute! Thanks for sharing on le challenge!

  11. a great way to use selvedges, and your blog background is dots too!

  12. I love your cushion and foot stool covers! I covered the seat of my sewing chair like that - I should cover the back too. The butterfly is so cute! I love it.

  13. How wonderful those beautiful butterflies are! Such a great idea to do these origami butterflies in fabric. Wishing you a happy day!

  14. I am finding so many interesting things, reading backwards through your blog. LOVE the selvage footstool, big selvage fan here. I want to make something with just the selvage dots, just don't know what right now.


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