Saturday, 21 February 2015

Made it to Saturday!

I love this new job of mine. Too bad it is only temporary :(

but I am sooo glad it is finally the weekend. My head was about to explode with knowledge. hehehe as if!! Actually, knowledge is the lightest baggage you can carry around. No, I don't remember who said that but .... anyway, enough talking!!! SHOW ME the pictures !!!

Last night, I thought it was the last weekend of February, so I hurried and finished all the pink blocks for the RSC2015.  TA-DA!!

 So I am done for this project .... well, for this colour I should say.

The bottom right seems too burgundy or maroon (as you wish) to me but it's in anyway.
 I didn't know I had so many pinks in my stash. Yeah me!!

Now, remember these blocks ?  The no-name blocks!
Today, I am playing on the floor with these blocks as I am trying reeeeaaal hard to finish it this weekend ... finished to the flimsy stage I mean. It's quite a working out I am putting myself through lol but it will be worth it. I know which layout I want. (If only the blocks would listen!! )

One more picture ....
   It is still falling
                                    ever so
                                                                               I loooove it. ... 

 .... okay enough of this! Back to sewing!

I am linking with Angela for the RSC2015  in the pink month fun!

Until next time....




  1. Like you I thought this week was the last of the pink too. I'm looking forward to see what color next month is. I'm suspecting green.

  2. however great the job is it's fun to be sewing isn't it? I love those blocks you are doing...

  3. great blocks= well worth the effort!

  4. What pretty little blocks. It's so nice to be able to sew after a week of the "real" world, isn't it?

  5. Lovely pictures. Glad you found some sewing time.

  6. What a great job you've done with those pink blocks Chantal. They are very pretty. I wouldn't worry about the maroon one - it is a rainbow quilt and it will get lost in the riot of colour at the end. Well done on getting through this week at work too.

  7. Oh c'est beau !! J'aime beaucoup la manière dont tes blocs sont agencés !! Et les couleurs...j'adore... :)
    Voilà un objectif de rempli pour ce mois de février !
    Bon dimanche Chantal !!^^

  8. There's something so peaceful about sitting inside, stitching, while watching the snow fall.

  9. Beautiful snow. And pretty pink blocks - you did have a lot of pink scraps! I think the maroon-y one looks just fine.

  10. J'aime particulièrement les blocs roses !

  11. J'aime particulièrement les blocs roses !

  12. Great blocks in pink. Just in time for the end of the month.

  13. Those little pinwheels are just so darn cute! I agree with the others--the maroon looks fine. I think a little dark, relative to the other colors, looks better in most quilts. Run with it!


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