Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday Flimsy!!

I rushed home after work so I can sew the few seams left to finish the quilt. And I did. Rushed outside with the flimsy to take some pictures. Too dark. Come back inside, took more pictures. Okay, I got what I want.  Fired up the computer to post .... no internet!! Uhh! Story of my life !! Two hours later, yeah Internet is back. So here it is ....


Okay so now it doesn't want to upload the pictures. 
I give up!! I hate this house. It is cursed by the Virtual Mummy!! Arrghhh! 

You know the worst part about all this ?(beside you having to wait longer before seeing the quilt, that is!)  This is my 100th post and it is not even worthy of the name!

I'll be back soon with some pictures I promise! 

Until next time .... ssssSSSMiLe  ... it is not worth the tears! 



  1. Sounds like a frustrating evening. The flimsy is lovely though.

  2. Hello Chantal! Sorry that the technical things didn't want to play nicely! The quilt top is fabulous though!! Well worth the struggle! Have a lovely, stress-free weekend! :) xx

  3. haha... beautiful work... it is there....


  4. LOL I was initially thinking that the quilt on the bench was the one you were showcasing. But it looked finished. Then I saw what you were showing. Lovely. Congrats on the finish.


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