Saturday, 30 May 2015

De jolis tissus

(Some Beautiful Fabric)

I got a squishy envelop this week all the way from France. It was sooooo loaded with goodies, I was bowled over. Just flabbergasted.

In a recent post, I mentioned that I didn't have 'WOW' green fabric and I had to remedy to that. Sweet Cécile from Patchwork Inspirations gave me a helping hand and shared a bit of her 'WOW' GREEN stash with me!  She is such a generous person that the envelope was filled with lovely 'WOW' fabric. I so love them. Have a look.

Yep! Thirteen gorgeous fabric. THIRTEEN!  My favorite number. (How did she know that?) Since GREEN is the colour for May and May is not quite over, I still have time to make my GREEN blocks for the RSC15. YEAH! Now, out of these wonderful GREEN scraps, I have to choose only 7 for my RSC15 blocks. Won't be easy!!

That's NOT ALL that was stuffed in the envelope. It held a surprise. An inspiring surprise that tickled me pink!!

A quilt magazine from France called Quiltmania!!  I didn't know this magazine but I do like it now. It is so full of wonderful quilt patterns and interesting articles. (It is odd to be reading about quilts in French lol.) And a little purple card with some sweet words.

Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH Cécile. You are a VERY generous angel!  With the GREEN fabric, I will first make myself a mini as a keepsake of your friendship, then I will cut some piece for the RSC15. Yes! yes! I love this idea! Thank you, again! ♥♥♥

And this is all the GREEN I can share with you today ...

... but I can share some BLUES!  Care for more blues?

A regular 9 inches block for comparison sits on the left of the picture.

Until next time ...



  1. Wow Chantal! What a lovely surprise! I know Quiltmania magazine from my time living in Switzerland... it is a lovely magazine.... enjoy!! Love the blue blocks and I can't wait to see what you do with the lovely green fabric! :) x

  2. What a lovely gift from Cecile. Enjoy playing with those greens, they are gorgeous.

  3. Pas de doute, Cécile est extrêmement généreuse et Quiltmania est notre meilleur magazine.
    Travaille bien.

  4. Je suis bien heureuse que les tissus te plaisent et surtout, que tu trouveras quoi en faire !! Il me semble que tu peux trouver Quiltmania au Canada....en tout cas, il existe aux US !
    Tes blocs bleus sont absolument magnifiques !!
    Gros bisous et bon dimanche ! :)

  5. Yikes, when I was in Paducah last month, I bought a subscription to Quiltmania (having heard so many good things about it) ... I hope it's not in French! :-o

    What fabulous greens your friend sent you ... from France, no less!

  6. cecile is the sweetest and more generous person I've met in a long time. enjoy your loot!



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