Thursday, 21 May 2015

Trying to start something new ...

Today, I am off from work because I was to go at a quilting retreat. It was cancelled and I thought of cancelling my days off too but I restrained. I am in need of a vacation after all that training for the new job. So here I am trying to start something new but life still gets in my way.

My son missed his school bus this morning. Oh great. My second son (Curly) needs to practice driving so he drove us into town to drop off Sweet 16 at school, (with me in the passenger seat of course!) It took much longer with him driving but a Mother has to do what a Mother has to do!!

Got home and did some laundry and pre-washed some FQ. Then ironed some FQ. (Yes, it's another blue quilt :^D)

Now need to cut the same FQ and it got me thinking to the questions Karen (from Sew Many Ways) had asked on her post here. It is number 7 on my list. (the cutting that is, not Karen lol). She asked which parts of quilting to you prefer to do and which is your least favorite?

My number one is looking at quilts, getting inspired and getting the mojo flowing.

2. Piecing. Love to hear the sewing machine' motor humming and to see the little pieces getting bigger with each run under the needle.

3. Quilting. By hand that is. As with the sewing, it is one little piece at a time and it grows and grows.

4. Binding. It is my last chance at having the quilt all to myself. After that, I have to share it with others lol.

5. Shopping. I put shopping in the middle of the list because it is always mix emotions for me. I LOVE to shop!! Whether is it for fabric or shoes or watches or ... well everything except groceries really! But when I shop for fabric I always wish I had more money and that there were more fabric in my bag. LOL!

6. Making sandwich. Not my favorite but I can manage it because it is almost time to quilt so it is all good.

And the dreaded number 7: cutting!! What a CHORE! BeYuCK!!   >:^P

In order to go to the retreat I had no choice but to cut and cut some more.

All the different sizes in different fabric, all stuffed in little plastic bag with its letter on it. Piece A needs 72 dark and 72 light. Piece B needs 196 dark and 196 light, etc. :^{  I need more light pieces for this project.
And that is for one project only. I wanted to bring two projects just in case so ...

More time was spent at the cutting table. This one is flannel. When I found out that the retreat was cancelled, I've stopped the cutting frenzy!   :^D

So, starting with your favorite one, how would you number these quilt-making steps:

  • Looking  for quilt inspirations, online, books, magazines
  • Shopping for the fabric
  • Cutting the fabric
  • Piecing the quilt top
  • Making the quilt sandwich
  • Quilting the quilt
  • Binding the quilt
What about you? Care to answer? Leave a comment and let everyone know. Just for fun. 

Since I am not at a quilting retreat, and I can cut my fabric whenever I feel like it, after publishing this post,  I will sit at my machine and just sew! And sew and SEW until I run out of pieces to sew lol. 

Hope you have a very quilty day too. 
(As I am typing this, Curly asked what we're having for lunch! Oh! I have to get the meals too?)

Until next time .... 



  1. I'm sorry your quilt retreat was cancelled. My absolute favourite part is sewing the blocks into rows because that is when I start to see the finished quilt. I like ironing and cutting as well. I used to hate the quilting because I have less skill there but I'm seeing it more as a learning experience now so I like it as well.

  2. I hope you find plenty of time for your personal sewing retreat and don't get sidetracked into making too many meals!! Enjoy your stitching. I don't mind cutting - just get nervous incase I make a mistake! xx

  3. J'aime toutes les étapes sans ordre particulier et quand j'en ai marre, je passe à une autre...c'est pour ça que j'ai beaucoup d'en-cours !

  4. So sorry your retreat was cancelled. I hope you got some sewing done in spite of life getting in the way. Hand quilting is my favorite part, cutting is my least favorite. Shopping is not as high as I wish it were because of my lack of confidence in choosing fabrics.

  5. I think I would say that piecing is my favorite. I can piece all day long. Basting is the most disliked. Machine quilting is probably 2nd favorite because the quilt is almost finished. I won't be sewing this weekend, except possibly some hand appliqué, because we are visiting grandchildren in Virginia. Today we're going to a museum which was our 7 yo GS's wish to do for his birthday. I might get in a little knitting too which is another project I brought along.

  6. Sorry your retreat was cancelled - but you seem to be using your time for fun stuff - so that's good. To answer your question - I think I would rank them like this -

    1 - Piecing the quilt top - my absolute FAVE!! - and that's about as far as most of mine get.
    2 - Looking for quilt inspirations, online, books, magazines - WAAAY more ideas than time.
    3 - Cutting the fabric - not bad once I get in the "groove".
    4 - Binding the quilt - if only my quilts got that far.
    5 - Quilting the quilt - my FMQ skills are sadly lacking - practice is on my "To Do" list.
    6 - Making the quilt sandwich - too big and bulky at this stage - and such a pain.
    7 - Shopping for the fabric - believe it or not - my least fave - probably why most of my stuff lately is scrappy - ;))

  7. oh my goodness .. tha tis a lot of cutting to do at one time.... I think I love each stage of the quilt for different reasons....

  8. It's a retreat of sorts...just at
    Lots of cutting going on...great effort!
    I don't mind the quit making process...each stage has it's merits...but binding is best as it means it's almost finished! Xox


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