Tuesday, 12 May 2015

It's green Tuesday

I am still alive and well. I haven't blogged for a little while because life got in the way. :)

I was so looking forward to my first quilting retreat that I had neglected many things in order to use all my spare time at the cutting board. That left me with nothing to show you. Yesterday, I was reading my emails and one was stating that the retreat was cancelled "due to unforeseen events"!! I was so sad ... I went straight to bed. :(

Today, at work, I found out that I didn't get the job! :(  I feel so hurt that I was not chosen. :(
Next week I am going back to my old job (which doesn't look so appealing now that I had the opportunity to work for this new place for the last three months!) BUT I still do have a job so :) its a WHOLE lot more than what some people can say.

Therefore, tonight, I will play with green. Green of envy of everyone who did go onto a quilting retreat ... green of envy of the girl who did get the new job?
Green is also the colour of harmony and sympathy. Yep, I do prefer the latter. So I will not envy anyone but myself. I will live in harmony with myself and I will play with green fabric!! :)

I have this pinned to my design wall but the lighting is not very good so let me bring it down on the floor and we might see it better.

Yes, that's better. They are my RSC2015 blocks.

I have also picked these greens and I've noticed that I don't have a lot of dark green and none are a "nice green". I will have to remedy to that next time I find my self at the LQS. :) For the moment, these will have to do and will become my RSC blocks soon.

I am linking up with Nicky for a Scraptastic Tuesday.

I hope tomorrow won't bring more bad news and may you all find some time to sew.

Until next time .... SSSSmiLE .... it looks good on you!



  1. Poor you - two huge disappointments at the same time. Lots of green sympathy winging it's way. xx

  2. Well today is tomorrow, big hug for you to feel better. Love the way your pinwheels come out. Looks very nice.

  3. Oh pooh! Hope there are better things round the corner for you to make everyone else a little bit green! In the meantime - great blocks and buying green is always a good idea IMHO! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  4. If it hasn't had a happy ending then you haven't reached the end yet! Which means something good must be on the way! Love your blocks and I hope you have a happier day today! Hugs! :) x

  5. I'm also wishing you a happier day. With lots of green!
    Love those pinwheels.

  6. Je suis vraiment désolée pour ces mauvaises nouvelles...j'espère que tout va rentrer dans l'ordre pour toi !
    En France la couleur verte est signe d'espoir ! Alors elle est pour toi ! ;)
    Si tu veux, je peux t'envoyer quelques morceaux de vert si tu en manque. Dis-moi ce qu'il te faut et je regarde ce que j'ai !!
    Gros bisous chère Chantal !

  7. I'm sorry for your disappointments, but I'm sure things will work out for you. We all have those times in life. Quilting will help you work through it.

  8. C'est tellement plate. Rêver à un événement pendant des jours et il ne se produit pas, quelle déception. Au moins tu as plein de morceaux prêts à coudre, c'est déjà ça de gagné. Pour le travail, je te trouve très bonne philosophe. J'aime bien ton vert moyen avec des fleurs blanches. Je trouve que le vert est une couleur difficile à agencer. Et tes blocs violets sont toujours beaux.

  9. Its such a shame about the job and the retreat. But, you did a lovely job on your green blocks. I haven't sewn any green this week, so you are way ahead of me :)


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