Monday, 25 May 2015

Design Wall Monday or I'm up to my eye balls in Blues

It is my last day of vacation. Trying to do too many last-minute-things today, I think. My list seem to be longer than the day is ... as usual lol.

On my Design Wall I have a leader/ender project that is progressing pretty well lately.  Remember these?

I know, I know! That's not exactly what you want to see hehehe!

Have you guessed what I'm doing?

Little stars ...

Little swirls ...

they got bigger ...

They got together ...

If you said "Shakespeare in the Park" you are right on the money. I fell in love with that quilt the moment I saw it in an add in a magazine. I didn't know the name of it but I knew it was made by the very talented Judy Martin. Love her designs. So for years I hunted it down because I really NEEDED this pattern and bought fabric for it. (Didn't have Internet back then.)  I'm so please to finally see it grow on my wall.

I want it to look like a snow storm. (Oh MY! Did I say the 4 letter word? ) I'm using a lot of soft blues but some aren't soft enough to my liking so ... yes, I still have a lot of cutting to do as some of the pieces I've cut won't make it into this quilt. You can see my work station is invaded with little plastic bags full of blues.

The little stars and snail trails are now 12.5 inches each. I'm having so much fun I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Hehehe!

As I am taking my time to sew these triangles together, my leader/ender projects got a real boost. So, I decided to start another one. (!!)
Might not say much yet but it will be a very special little thing. It will have a post all to its self when done. (Yes, I know, I'm stuck in with the blues lately :D)

What's on your wall? Join us at Patchwork Times for some show and tell. I'll be there.

Until next time ... ssssMiLe and keep the blues away!



  1. Can't go wrong with blues ... at least not in my humble opinion. ;-) I'm loving what I'm seeing so far!

  2. Ça va trop vite Chantal !! Je viens de découvrir ton post d'hier que celui-ci le pousse !!
    Que puis-je dire : j'adore tes blocs et tu me fais bien rire.....that keeps my blues away.....
    Merci ! Bisous

  3. Oh my! So many projects on the go at once! They really look good, so carry on. Aren't leader and ender projects useful? Sometimes I think they grow faster than the main project.

  4. I've been meaning to make that for YEARS! For now, I'll enjoy watching your's come together.

  5. The snails trails are very cool. They pair well with the stars, too. I'm going to start collecting blues because I want to make a Storm at Sea quilt for my dad, with a gradient of dark to light blues (or white).

  6. Not a quilt design I know so I had to go look it up of course. Stunning! And your blue version is going to be amazing. xx

  7. oh wow.. they are all so lovely...

  8. It's turning into a beautiful project... will take lots of pleasure in watching it grow too. xox


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