Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Different Wind - RSC2015

These blocks are the very first ones I did in January for my RSC2015 as the colour of the month was blue. Look at them very carefully because they are sneaky little rascals. 

See the blue/green one at the bottom right? It's the one I talked about in my last post. In the picture below, it is also at the bottom right.

I had to fix that one because the pinwheels were not turning in the right direction compared to the others.  Weeelllll ... 


this other blue one is wrong too!! Arrgghhh! More unstitching.

It was not playing any nicer with the blocks at the other edge. It took longer to fix this one as it was in the middle of the last quarter. So out of my first three blocks, only one was done right.

Or maybe only one was done wrong and I manage to make all the following blocks wrong. (??)   

Nevertheless, if you think of making this block, take heed of the wind's direction. It could save you a storm of ripping later on lol. 

Then came the border with 160 HSTs to audition ; only 72 will be chosen. 
Will I do a mix-match of colours as the top border or follow some sort of rainbow as the bottom one ? If so, where do I put the browns?  And what of the corners ? 

 HSTs ? 

Pinwheels ?  Which colour ?
Many days were spend just moving HSTs around. 

Eventually, I ended up with this beauty. 

On Monday, I hurried and took a few pictures before the sun set. (We finally had some sun after a weekend of rain. The snow froze solid over the night. My boots barely made imprints.)
(Now looking at the photos, I can see another blooper. Lol, I am the queen of bloopers. Check the middle coloured diamond in the bottom row of the second picture. Its upper left section is white. LOL!! It's the blue/green one I'd fixed today and obviously sew it upside down. Bet the wind has turned yet again lol.)

Anywho!! This quilt is now done and waiting its turn to be quilted.
You know I had to fix the blooper right away. Then I took more pictures.  The (same) culprit block is in the middle of this picture. I think it likes the attention lol.

A few weeks ago, while I made the binding for "Kitchen Party", I also made the binding for this quilt. Then as I was cutting it, I realized I was following the blue band!  No, not what I wanted. I wanted the stripes the other way so we could see all of the rainbow.  Arrgghh!! again!!

Do I have enough of this fabric to cut another binding out of it ? After looking at it for awhile, I am not sure I like this binding for this top anymore. I'll leave it until I quilted the top and then I'll see if it will be used or not. 

Pictures of the final border with the brown. 
Brown in between the greens. 

 On the other border, Brown after the greens. 

(Picture with all bloopers fixed.)  I love how the border makes a white rick rack effect around the quilt.  It measures 72 X 58 inches. 

I named thy "Hidden Gems" as one can see the beautiful diamonds only when they gather.

That's all, folks!

Until next time ... 

Take heed of the wind!


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  1. I love how that looks. The border is perfect for it. Nice work.

  2. Oh, Chantal, it's absolutely GORGEOUS! Worth the perseverance in getting that wind to behave! 8)
    I'm being really paranoid with my blocks - when I'm getting ready to assemble each one, I get out all the others and make sure everything is facing the right direction. It occurs to me now that just taping one to the wall by my sewing machine might be easier... 8)

  3. It's gorgeous, although it sounds like it had you tearing your hair out.

  4. It turned out gorgeous Chantal! Love, love, love it!!

  5. wow.. it is just amazing....

  6. It's brilliant - I love it! xx

  7. J'ai cru que tu n'allais jamais y arriver !! Ha ! Ha !
    Mais si ! Et tu sais quoi ? Il est absolument magnifique ! Awesome ! Stunning ! Gorgeous !!
    Bravo Chantal ! Tu peux être fière de ton travail !!
    Et en plus ça y est ! La neige est arrivée !
    Gros bisous !

  8. I wasn't sure when Isaw this one coming together, but now I LOVE it!

  9. I absolutely love this! I have been watching this one since you started it (I even asked you what the sizes were). I still think I want to try this one sometime, but I've started too many other RSC blocks for this year so maybe next year.

  10. Wow! You definitely have a winner here! I don't think it could have turned out any prettier. I love the border! I drew this block out in EQ7 and I am making them this year. Can you tell me the name of this block?

  11. Such a gorgeous quilt / I am glad that I am not the only one who pulls out the seam ripper a lot! :)

  12. Such a gorgeous quilt / I am glad that I am not the only one who pulls out the seam ripper a lot! :)

  13. What a beautiful quilt. You could look at this forever and always notice a different latter/colour etc. Super! I admire your perseverance, redoing those pesky blocks.

  14. Gorgeous! And if one can't see the blooper as you pass by on a galloping horse, don't worry about it. LOL - I couldn't see it - it's a great quilt. THanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.


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