Sunday, 17 January 2016

Time to relax and slow stitch

Sunday is the day I catch my breath, put my feet up and relax a bit. (Just a bit.)

I have plenty of projects to hand sew but, as I am a very good addict quilter, I deemed that one more project wouldn't break my back lol.

My "resolution" to use my older fabric lead me to the Country Road.

Lori from Humble Quilts had a cute little quilt-along in fall of 2015. I finished mine, or so I thought. Since I still have too much of the golden/ocher fabric to put it in the scrap bins, I decided to add borders.

It looks wonky because it is wonky. I forgot that the golden fabric doesn't like steam. When I pressed the borders I used steam and ...

made an ugly mess!  Last night, I thought is wasn't that bad but looking at the pictures this morning ...

it is truly a wake-up call. This will not do. Unacceptable! I think I have enough still to redo the outer border. Unfortunately, last night I really wanted to start working on this one so I marked a Baptist Fan design all over and quilted for a bit.  ADHD people are soooo impulsive!

Do you think I can rip the border without outdoing the quilting? More importantly,  can I sew new  borders on with the quilt still pinned?

(Don't know why this picture is so washed out.)  Well, I am about to find out because I am doing this.   

Worst case scenario is I'll have to undo all the quilting. Awwwwhhh!! 
Since DH is cooking lunch, I can do this now and continue my slow stitching later this afternoon or this evening with Mary, Edith, Daisy, Mr. Carson and everyone else on Downton Abbey. My kind of evening. Yeah!

Until next time...


Joining Kathy for a Slow Sunday Stitching. I hope you do too.


  1. I would definitely fold back the batting and backing and go for it! Like you said, if all else fails, you can rip out the quilting, but I think it'll work just fine!
    Good luck!
    (I love your little quilt, by the way! This one is still on my list...)

  2. Good Luck to you, I hope it will turn out to be an easy fix. The quilt looks wonderful with the added border!

  3. Did the gold fabric shrink because it isn't cotton? I've seen this happen with non-cotton fabric, and maybe with unwashed cotton. I hope you have success in putting a new binding on. I think it should work -- and I'd try it, myself, especially because it's a small quilt. I probably wouldn't with a very large quilt.
    Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  4. I have fixed borders on a quilt which had been partially quilted on a long arm, and then completed the quilting on my DSM. There is a tutorial on my blog which talks about adding extra backing, but fixing the border isn't all that much different.

  5. Aïe ! Je ne savais pas que le cheddar supportait mal la vapeur du fer à repasser...Comment vas-tu faire ?
    Ton quilt n'en reste pas moins très beau ! ;)

  6. I'm sorry your fabric is not cooperating with you! I wish you luck with replacing the border. Let us know how it goes.

  7. What a shame because the border finishes off the quilt perfectly! Hope you can sort it out without having to undo the quilting. xx

  8. Oh no Chantal! I hope you were able to fix the quilt top without taking out your beautiful stitches. I love those Baptist Fans!

  9. I would try and do exactly what you are doing. Leave it basted and just remove and add the outer border. I hope it worked for you.

  10. La bordure supplémentaire est une excellente idée, bonne chance pour la suite, peut-être tu arriveras à camoufler avec le quilting...


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