Saturday, 30 January 2016

I am Blue too ;^)

So much Blue all over Blogland, so many wonderful, gorgeous, inspiring projects to see everywhere ... ahh! I love looking at everyone's work but I'll take a break from that long enough to show you what I have done this week. (which was not much.)

I didn't get to finish my UFO's for January. :^(  There is still too much quilting left to do for it to be finished  before the 31st so I have to accept that it is not eligible for OMG. I will work on it more in February.

I did the 365 Challenge blocks and I am now up to date.
So many little beauties in there ...

inspirations for Rainbow Scrap Challenge gallore ...

this one is called Year's Favorite and I ♥love♥ it. I am thinking of making it my second RSC2016 pattern (if only I could finish that UFO!!)  only bigger as this one finishes at 3 inches.
- Chantal, it is still a pinwheel pattern.
- Oh! My! Look at that lol.  Well, it is just a thought  ... for the moment. :^D

I saw some very nice blog posts (as always) with so much inspiration this week.

My friend, Dasha, at Patching Pixies, made a cute little zippy pouch and I did too.

I don't have a lot of experience sewing zippers so I am very happy with this little projects and more will join it. You can find the pattern at The Renegade Seamstress.  Thanks Dasha for sharing. ♥

Then, Lisa, at Sunlignt in Winter Quilts,  shared with us her beautiful fabric baskets. Well, I fell in love with those too, lol and HAD to make one ... or two ...

Since I pulled this fabric out for my RSC2016 but not using it, I thought I'd use it for my first basket. I didn't have the required fusible fleece and used interfacing instead. It is not as nicely stiff as it should be but it's good enough. Then I made one for my dear sweet friend 'Pink'.

It has already been delivered and she is in love with it. Then I looked at my M&M's fabric and ... hey, why not??

I won't use much of the big guys in my RSC2016 blocks (as they call too much attention) so might as well put them to good use somewhere. Isn't this one cute?  Front and ...
well, it could be the front too lol. It's an one-hour pattern that REALLY takes only one hour. You can find the pattern on Craftsy for free, right here.  Thanks Lisa for sharing. ♥

If you don't know these ladies, click on their respective links to discover two very talented, sweet girls.  Say Hello to them for me please. Enjoy!

And then ... my boy caught the flu and passed it around but I won't bore you with that.

Today, I hope to machine quilt AT LEAST five blocks on my UFO. My neck might allow me that many. There is a lot of turning and sometimes my neck muscles have enough of the exertion before I do.

Well, there's more than I thought there was.  :^)

Linking up with Angela for RSC2016 at Soscrappy.  Okay, so got to go as I still have many blogs I haven't read yet.

Until next time ...



  1. Lovely post, Chantal, you've been very busy with your Blues. I admire you for keeping up with the 365 day blocks - very cute and I love the Year's Favourite as well. The M and Ms make a great basket! Happy quilting :-)

  2. Those little baskets are just adorable. What a fun place to put your scraps.

  3. I love all your beautiful blue blocks.

  4. You've been busy, so many lovely projects, I really like all the blue on blue quilt blocks.

  5. OH THE M & M's!!! So darn cute! While ALL of your projects are lovely that just stole the show for me :)

  6. lots of lovely... I have been collecting the 365 blocks as I love them but just can't find my way to do them at the moment. I love yours in blues

  7. Those blocks for the 365 Challenge are so darn cute!! Oh, those baskets!! Cute, cuter and cutest of all!!

  8. Beautiful blocks. I love those cute little fun baskets too.

  9. That M&M basket really made me smile! Adorable!
    Your blues look great in the 365 blocks. (And the 365 blocks look great in your blues!) Aren't they fun to make?

  10. I'm in love with that last block you photographed, pin wheels or not, it is absolutely scrumptious. But then they are all cute.
    Thanks for the plug - glad you enjoyed making the pouch. And those baskets are just so cute, especially the M&Ms

  11. Great group of blue blocks. The fabric baskets are so useful and too, perfect for the M and Ms.

  12. What beautiful blue blocks ! You are such a talented piecer. Glad you caught the basket addiction yours look great!

  13. Tu adooooores le bleu alors ├ža tombe bien !! Jolis block et jolis paniers Chantal !
    Merci pour le lien !! Je vais aller jeter un coup d'oeil !!
    Bises et bon courage si tu reprends ton travail...

  14. Lovely baskets Chantal, and so useful. I must make some too. I added the pattern for Dasha's pouch to my bookmarks too, but didn't start sewing it yet; I need to hunt for a 6" zip. You challenge blocks look great, good luck with all the rest.

  15. Beautiful blue blocks and very fun baskets. I love your M&M's guys, very cute. So sorry the flu visited your house. Hope everyone is on the mend.


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