Saturday, 9 January 2016

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016

What could be better than playing with a rainbow?? 

Playing with two, of course! 

Still working on the border of RSC2015.  It is coming along very slowly but progress is made nevertheless. 

I noticed a "backward" block. Do you see my blooper? 

In the picture below the blocks are aligned correctly. See the 4 colours pinwheel in the middle of all the pinwheels? That's what its supposed to look like. 

In this one, I didn't get the 4 colours pinwheel because one of the block is backward. 

Yep, the green one on the bottom right is the culprit. Some "backward" stitching is on my to-do list today lol. 

On to the next Rainbow project.
Angela at Soscrappy called blue as the colour of the month. Yeah! I love Blue! 

My background fabrics are:
 M&M Millennium fabric and 

these two oldies too.  (I decided to use just one ... for now.)

And for the block itself; what will I do??? 


Actually, four hourglasses. 

or like this, 

or like this,

No. Like this: 

Hey! Pinwheels again!  lol. Am I stuck in a rut? 

Here's the completed block.

(Not sure about the big red guy in the corner. I'll keep an eye on this as I progress to make sure it doesn't disturb the flow of the colours too much.) 

This block is called "Peace and Plenty". It is also my wish for 2016 to all my followers, visitors, friends and family. May Peace be with you always and may you have Plenty of ... 
good health,
dear family members close by,
good friends,
pleasant surprises,
smil ...
Who put "snow" in there? Oh! and why not? It is a pretty thing and children love it. And of course, plenty of fabric and inspirations! 

This year, Angela twisted the challenge just a notch and called two colours! Oooh! Blue with a sprinkle of purple. 
With the fabric I have picked for my RSC2016, I only need one more colour. Peace and Plenty finishes at 12 inches so I don't need two or three blue blocks to make a quilt. Can I say a fast finish? No! 

All I can say is, it probably won't last all year so I am thinking of making TWO quilts. 

I know, I knoooooow, I said I wouldn't start another project until I have finished a few UFOs.  

Weeeeellllll! I have aaaalllmost finish a quilt. I need to quilt it and hope to show you soon.

(just a little sneak peek)

I would like to have it all done before the end of January but the sooner the better because I WANT TO PICK A NEW RSC block. Yeah!! 

Meanwhile I'll just do some 4 patch because we always need some 4 patches for ... 

you know,

Until next time... 


I am linking with Angela for RSC2016 
and Cynthia for Oh Scrap! on Sunday
and Nicky on Tuesday for Scraptastic Tuesday


  1. So much scrappy goodness this week. Finishing, staring, so fun! The peace and plenty is a really nice block for this challenge. Plenty of spots for scraps to play together.

  2. I love your pinwheel blocks, Chantal! I had to work really hard to find your mistake, so thanks for explaining it! The new block with the m&m fabric is so fun! I'll look forward to seeing how your new project progresses.

  3. No snow!!! 8)
    Your Peace and Plenty block is a wonderful choice! You'll end up with a beautiful quilt.
    I'm so paranoid about those pinwheel blocks that I get out all the completed ones to compare to when I'm assembling a new block! So so easy to go astray...

  4. Lovely Peace & Plenty block Chantal. Glad to see I am not the only one making bloopers. Hee hee. I like the look of the sneak peek you've given us.

  5. I love your Peace and Plenty block! And I will pass on the snow wishes, although we seem to have a lot of it here in Utah anyway, LOL. Happy New Year!

  6. Pas encore de neige au Canada ?! C'est incroyable mais j'ai l'impression que l'hiver se fait attendre dans le monde entier !
    J'aime beaucoup ce post car j'ai l'impression de te voir jouer avec tes blocs et tes couleurs !
    Super ! continue Chantal !!

  7. So much fun Chantal! I really didn't notice any of the problems with pinwheel blocks until you pointed them out. Something I will have to watch for when I make my blocks.

  8. Thanks for sharing your block. But no snow here either. We Oregonians like our rain :)

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  9. Love that Peace and Plenty block, nice work!

  10. lovely work and a great post.... you are so good with colours...

  11. I don't think another year of pinwheels would be a bad thing. I'm doing stars again this year, just different ones from last year. (It's good to know I'm not the only one with millennial prints hanging around!)

  12. This is a very long post Chantal...You are letting us see everything at once. Please keep the little red guy. I like him. I love all your pretty little pinwheels.

  13. I have to confess that I'd leave that little maverick block in there and see how many people notice! Lovely quilt and quilts to come! Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  14. Love the fresh fabrics in traditional squares!

  15. Chantel, I am trying to get a list of the blocks that I want to make this year for the RSC. I have fallen in love with your pinwheel / half square triangle blocks!!! Is the pattern available online? Thank you for any help you can give me. This will be my first time joining the challenge!

  16. I love your HST/goose row at the top of your post - can't wait to see what that becomes!

  17. So many possibilities, so much fun. I hope you have a wonderful year, dear.


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