Saturday, 16 January 2016

It's Saturday Blues

Have I played the blues this week ? Yes I did! Do you want to see?

A blue shoofly  and a very dotty Ohio Star variation for fmq practice. They will probably end up as mug rugs.

some 4 patch ... for someday. As I was making these, a project popped into my mind. I might use these up faster than I thought I would.

And a very funny thing happened in my sewing room.
Last week, Gayle at Mangofeet mentioned on her blog a new challenge that she wanted to participate in. It's called 365 Challenge - The ultimate sampler. Gayle showed a picture of the quilt and I just fell off my chair. The quilt is sooooo gorgeous! And it's BLUE! Oh! I am sooo in love! But I said I would NOT start any new project so I continued to read her post and tried to put that (AWWWEEESOOOME) quilt out of my mind.

The very next morning, I found these by my sewing machine.

What ? How ? It can't be! I did NOT start a new project.

Oh! YEESSS I DIIIDD!  It's so gorgeous, I am sure you can understand!!  Have a look for yourself if you haven't already seen  this challenge.

Just tiny little 3.5 inches blocks to do.Only one per day.They are fun. They are cute. They are addictive! I am fully aware that I won't be able to keep up with this challenge all year. I will get behind. As long as I keep downloading the patterns, all will be good. The patterns will stay up on the site for 3 months. So when April starts, January's blocks will disappear. I am sure I can download faster than that. And besides, I am using left over fabric from Shakespeare in the Park so it is a free quilt  ... so far anyway.

Oh! also did three more of my leader/ender project.

Not in love with the one on the left but not about to change it. Did enough reverse sewing for a long time... I hope!!

We finally have a little bit of snow, every morning this week. Just an inch or two.  It makes the landscape so much prettier. (It's not that dark in real life.)

Joining Angela for RSC2016
Hope to see you there.

Until next time ...



  1. Those blocks are so beautiful,love them all.
    I`m playing along on the 365 challenge.
    Have a fun weekend.

  2. Lots of lovely BLUE fabric, but WAIT!! What?? I didn't see this Ultimate Sampler!! I love tiny blocks, but I can't afford to start ANOTHER project. Too many already jockeying for my sewing time. Have FUN with yours, though!

  3. The 365 quilt is beautiful. I'm tempted by it, but I still have an unfinished quilt for our bed that needs to be completed first!

  4. Love all the pretty blue quilty things that are happening here. A new project lol, how many days into the new year were you able to hold off?

  5. Lovely blue blocks. Good luck with the 365 Challenge quilt; I've seen it too, but decided I have too much on my plate to start a new full size quilt.

  6. Oh, my, you did get sucked into the 365, didn't you. (Should I say sorry?) (We're going to have fun, aren't we?) Your blocks are beautiful!
    As a matter of fact, ALL your blocks are beautiful! Lots of pretty rainbow fun here. 8)

  7. Oh no..... I had not seen that 365 yet. I think I'll just live through your posts on that one and enjoy watching it grow. Great blue blocks you have made this week.

  8. Have fun with the 365 Sampler. Quite a quilt! Looks great so far.

  9. haha.. new project is a sign of an addictive crafter????? looks loveluy

  10. Wow, you have been very busy this week! Great looking blocks! I'm trying so hard to resist that 365 Challenge. So far so good, but don't know if I can hold out much longer!!!

  11. Too much snow for this Southern girl....but gorgeous to view from a distance. Love that 365 Sampler. My girl friend just started it. Really like the L&E project. Great work!

  12. Oh your blue blocks are so gorgeous! Not surprised you had to have a go. I could be tempted but I won't! xx

  13. Pour être est beau ! Wow ! Je dirais même magnifique !
    Tu as raison de le faire (en plus il est bleu) 😁
    Jolis blocs bleus ...aussi ! LOL !
    Bisettes !

  14. So many beautiful blue blocks!
    I was also tempted by that 365 Challenge but have resisted so far.

  15. I think you've really got the blues. Good on you for starting the Project 365 quilt... that's a big task.

  16. Lots going on in your sewing room! I really, really, REALLY had trouble resisting the 365 Ultimate Sampler although I have been saving the patterns for later. :)

  17. sweet little blue blocks. I especially like the double nine patches! pretty snow - we finally got a little too.

  18. That ultimate sampler is indeed beautiful -- good luck to you with those little blocks.


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