Monday, 12 December 2016

Monday! Again?

Not sure where this week went but it obviously went since it's Monday again.

Didn't do all that I wanted to [when do I ever do all there is to do? (o`o`) ] but a few things were made.

Finished the stitch-in-the-ditch on the RSC2015 quilt.
View from the back as it shows the quilting better.
The other sewing machine has to be set up for Free Motion Quilting (FMQ). The plan was to start on Sunday, but Saturday I was sick and was weak still on Sunday. If I still have energy, I will do this today. (Been shovelling since 9:30 this morning. Beautiful, fluffy snow falling! :^D)

But I digress. I did do some 365 blocks. Let's see them.

June 25 -  Wyoming Valley - 60 pieces

June 26 - Cross within a Cross - 21 pieces

June 27 - Navajo - 49 pieces

June 28 - Aunt Malvina's Chain - 36 pieces
Please don't look at this one too closely. I know my seams don't match but it's good enough ... if you look at it from far. lol.

Group photo - total  - 166 pieces.

The month of June isn't yet completed ... but i'm working on it, diligently.

Between blocks, I found myself piecing tiny bits together for a future crumb quilt. Maybe I'll end up with enough units to make a few Hole in the Barn Door blocks in the RSC2017. Who knows?

And I've also pieced some "purple" 4-patch for Bonnie's Mystery Quilt. I switched the purple for blue. I have a little love affair with blue. (and purple is practically non-existent in my stash) All the components of these blocks are from the 2" bin.  There's still some blues in the bin but they are mixed with other colours and it's not the look I want for this quilt.

So many times, we hear that quilters are very generous people. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of such generosity. I was bestowed upon by Gayle from Mangofeet. She gave me a Sew Sisters' gift certificate! I was so touched, I was beside myself. Such a generous heart. Thank you, thank you so much, dear Gayle.
I got some neutral fabrics. First time I buy from Sew Sisters and I am very pleased with the quality of the cotton.

What's in store for me this coming week?  Sew! What else? lol
Do some FMQ. Finish month of June in the 365 Challenge and get on to July. And shovel!  :^D
I have three more appointments this week and DH's bday, so I won't put too much on my plate. Hope you all have a great one!

Joining Beth at Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making.

Until next time ....

Show the world the warmth of your smile!



  1. And you call this a quiet week! Those crumb blocks look fun. I hope you feel better soon; don't be ill over Christmas!

  2. the quilting looks just right. great blocks and the crumbs look great.... yea, yea... looks like a quiet week????? haha

  3. You have a lot on your plate lately. I'm just realizing I can't get everything done by Christmas....sigh.

  4. You're welcome! 8)
    You've gotten so much done! Hopefully there won't be so much shoveling cutting into your sewing time!
    Happy quilting - I'm looking forward to seeing that RSC quilt!

  5. You have been diligent .. and very productive. And you shoveled? Oh. my. I let others do the shoveling and I still do not get as much done. We only have an old crusty whiteness in the shadowed areas; no new snow.
    I really like the colors in your 365 blocks. I love blue and brown and creamy neutrals. I got hopelessly behind on these blocks and am starting again with hopefully new resolve in the new year. Had I been diligent like you I would have a few less to do next year.
    Thanks for sharing you lovely quiltiness ... :) Pat

  6. Now that's the value of neutrals. So lovely the gently color change from white to beige to brown. These are old block patterns to their advantage. When we discuss color it's usually the bright or intense contrast, not the subtle color variations. LeeAnna


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