Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Winter Wonderland ... is fun!

What a glorious morning this is! Love it!

(Went outside to shovel and feed the birds but ended up have way too much for a grown-up.)

Some of my friends are flakes.

Meet my friend, Hildegard. She is new to Canada. She has fallen from the sky very slowly, through out the day,  yesterday. This morning, I helped her organised her "things" and put them together. 😇 (Don't really like that smirk. Let's try something else.)

Her smile is so sweet now. Her eyes are kind of droopy, giving her a sleepy look. Let's wake her up a bit more.

She looks somewhat brighter. What if .... ?

Oh Yes!! So much better. She's even sexy, (well, if you're a flake). Now she's ready for Hollywood. No, wait! I think her body needs some work too.

Let's start with the brains. (See how Hildegard is defying gravity here. Half her weight is off the table, just floating. Before disaster strikes, I set her down on more solid ground.)

That's what I call getting your brains picked.

I turned around and plonk! her nose fell off. Okay, let's fix that before the surgery to the body.

Hey, she now has the same nose as me. We're like sisters.  She definitively needs a face lift, especially the jaw line and the lips area. My gosh! so much work still to be done.
An hour later, Hildegaarrrrddddd is slowly melting  leaving Canada.

Don't be sad. She will be back soon. VERY soon.

On this 6th day, of the month of December, 2016, in Ontario, Canada, I, being of sane mind, solemnly declared on this blog, taking the entire world as my witness, to never work as a plastic surgeon or any other fields pertaining to plastic surgery, for as long as I live. Thank you.

Until next time ...



  1. Lol!
    Hugs to you and Hildegard! (It looks like her nose started off without her...)

  2. haha.... great ..... you can make carrot cake now...

  3. You are too funny! I really enjoyed reading your post. :)

  4. yes.... I'm seeing the benefit to some plastic surgery, and the value of fake lashes... My eyelids are drooping too. As the the nose falling off, if she reads the fine print of her pre-surgery disclaimer she'll probably see "your nose may fall off"


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