Friday, 23 December 2016

Planning 2017

Like most of you, I am looking forward to a new beginning in the New Year. My thoughts stir many ideas; finishing quilts, declutter sewing room, hand quilting, getting back to work, starting new quilts, organising the household so I don't have to cook meal every night, free motion quilting, assembling backing, etc. :^D

Although most of my friends say I am very organised, I rather think I am (just) organised as there is always room for improvement. I came across a blog last week that was very interesting and I would like to share it with you today.

Elaine at Crazy Quilter on a Bike has come up with her own planner, a very personal quilt related planner that cost a mere few dollars. Made from a notebook of your choice, the tasks are written in a "bite size" form. Mmmm! love that! The smaller tasks make for crossing off items more often and that is very encouraging.

Bought notebook at dollar store and started to write dates in colours.

Decided on my dirty dozen, next page has things I need to do as gifts and the third page will be things for the craft sale.

Oh, but I couldn't stop there! My thoughts turned to the first week of January and ideas started to pour out onto the page like snow in my backyard.

I left myself some room for other projects like RSC. No specific block has been chosen yet for the RSC2017 so I'll write it down later, with how many block I wish to make that week (or how many blocks my scraps will be able to produce).

I have enjoyed preparing this planner and can't wait to try it out. Hope this inspires you too.

Okay, since this blog is about quilting, how about some pictures of fabric and quilt blocks? I agree.

My OMG is not done yet. Working on the FMQ part. Aiming for half flowers in the white sections.

Sometimes, it is so awful it needs to come out.

This is what it will look like once it is all done. 

I'm stuck with the same questions I had when I put the quilt together; what do I do with the corners? Hurry, hurry, the month is almost done, says the little nagging voice in my head.

On the 365 Challenge front, the month of June is done.
June 29 - Contrary Wife - 41 pieces

June 30 - Beggar Block - 57 pieces. Since it is called beggar, I decided to make use of all the little bits leftover from the other blocks. The blue is the constant.

So for two blocks - 98 pieces
For the month of June, the total comes to 1455 pieces.
Year to date : 4997

July is calling for more dark 3.5" blocks. Lately, working on dark fabric is depressing for me. I'll wait til it is brighter outside because,  meanwhile in Canada:

Com'on now, all together!  "Let it snow,
Let it snow,
Let is snow ...   "                                

Until next time ... 

Hope your holidays are filled with laughter, a rejoicing heart and a peaceful mind. Know that I appreciate your company and love you all. 


Myra at Busy Hands
Angela at So Scrappy


  1. I'm wishing you a happy Christmas too, Chantal; may the days be happy, warm and snug. May all your plans come to fruition to make 2017 an exceptionally productive year; with such a planner you're on the right track.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours and wishing you the best for 2017.

  3. I guess we're all thinking about what we hope to accomplish in the new year. One goal is to finish my Dear Jane quilt, plus some other ones! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. I make a list and one goal is to finish the 365 challenger before March ,I`m one month behing and three corners and also quilting two or three or three of my top ,( I handquilting).

    wishing you a happy Merry Christmas and New Year to get many goals.

  5. A hug to you too! Have a great Holiday.

  6. Happy hugs to you, too, sweetie!
    Love those pinwheels! (I'm going to keep doing mine for RSC next year, too. Thank you for the inspiration!)
    And absolutely do NOT work on dark blocks now. Light bright colors! Lots and lots of dancing colors! That's how we get through the dark months. 8)

  7. The planner idea sounds good - I shall pop over to visit Elaine later on. Meanwhile lots of lovely goodies to look at on this bright morning. Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy and productive 2017. xx

  8. That low budget planner could certainly work, but I asked Santa for a Quilter's Planner for Christmas. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Good luck with finishing the Pinwheel Quilt!!

  9. I had to laugh, as I'm reading "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" on your blog Jordan Smith began singing those exact words on TV. Don't you love coincidences? Thanks for sharing your organization notebook. I'll be interested to hear of your progress.

  10. Here's a hug back to you {{ }}, too! Your quilting is very nice!

  11. Merci pour tes bons voeux, reçois les miens en échange. J'espère que 2017 t'apportera de très belles choses. Bisous


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