Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday's Promises

What's on my design wall today? Nothing. My work is everywhere but on the design wall. Let me explain.

Over the weekend, I pieced the backing for my RSC2015 quilt.

And I mean  really PIECED it!

It needed a little patching up. 
Don't have much left of this stripe fabric with flowers. Have even less of the green one. (in the first photo on the left) The bottom striped fabric was also added at the top and about one meter is what's left of that one. All are flannels. (It was so much fun playing with flannels again.) So that was a good use of older fabrics.

Pinning it together took most of the weekend, but I am finally ready to quilt it. Yes!!

I got more twine for my basket, cut some more old fabric and joined the strips together. It is now ready for a few more rounds.

Do NOT adjust the colours on your monitor if these blocks look orange. They are! (lol) (This is the first time I join Bonnie in the making of her Mystery Quilt.) I don't have a magenta fabric and I usually don't buy more than a meter, especially if the colour (magenta) is not one I would use often. So I decided to swap the colour for my favourite one; Orange. For the same reason, don't expect purple in this quilt. Anywho, I won't make a large quilt; at the most a throw.

And there are still plenty of blocks from the 365 Challenge to be made.

Playing with the flannels is like opening a Pandora's box for me. Now I'm itching to finish this crumb quilt.

More blocks are needed as I have two crumb quilts to make. My oldest son has received his flannel quilt. You can see it in this post.

One row is already assembled. I hope I have kept the "map" of this somewhere.

So, do you think I have enough to keep me busy? I hope so because this morning we woke up to this.

Yep, more of the white fluffy stuff. And still falling. And will for the entire day.
I have to go out and shovel some of it because
they can barely find the seeds I left on the chair. Need to refill the feeders.

But first, let's have breakfast.

Until next time ...


Joining Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making.


  1. Yeh snow it's pretty....... Have fun with your blocks....

  2. you are keeping very busy with lots of wonderful projects... the snow looks so pretty ....

  3. Orange! Hurray for orange!! (Me, too! But I'm still using the purples...)
    We only had about an inch of snow today, so not as bad as what you got. Is it spring yet?

  4. J'aime ton choix de la couleur orange !! Je trouve que pour l'hiver, ça rajoute de l'énergie !
    Tu es heureuse qu'il ait neigé ? Car je me souviens l'année dernière, la neige avait eu du mal à faire son apparition et tu en étais plutôt triste... Pour Noël, je trouve cela très bien !
    Gros bisous

  5. You do have lots going on that will keep you busy for a while! I have never made a flannel quilt but I recently quilted one that had flannel on the back and it was wonderful. I think I need to make a flannel quilt too. :)

  6. Ooh, what a cozy snowy day to be sewing. I had to switch my machine off to shovel some snow too. Good job on starting clue 2 in Bonnie's mystery quilt. I need to do that.

  7. Are you still snowed under? I hope you got a lot done. So looking forward to seeing your RSC finished. I have not come across 'crumb' quilts but I love yours. xx


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