Wednesday, 4 January 2017

First OMG and surprises

I'm having so much fun reading all the blogger's reviewing quilts and projects made in 2016 that I am forgetting my own goals. Let me apologise right now for a lengthy and photo heavy post.

What have I done in 2016 ? Lots are unfinished projects, I think.

In no particular order;

I learned how to made baskets.

Finished all the blocks for a Double 9-Patch quilt, which has started in 2015. They are now sleeping in a drawer somewhere.

Did finished Secret Garden wall hanging along with a matching table runner. Still waiting for DH to get a rod up so the Garden can grace my dining room.

Finished County Roads SAL hosted by Lori  (Humble Quilts). I had some issues with the last border but managed to finish it.

 I had fun with some string blocks. You will see more of these in 2017.

Did a carpet for my son's bedroom with older thick, stiff fabric.  I'm really happy how this one turned out.

I participated in the Block-a-day QAL called The Ultimate Sampler 365 Challenge. I am stuck stalled working on the blocks for July. This too will embellish my blog again in 2017.

Did a table runner for my MIL which she likes a lot. She brought it back a couple of weeks ago so I can now work on finishing this one.

 I won some wonderful fabrics from Sue (Suebee's World) and made these totes.

Quilt of the Century had its last row of hexagons attached. Looking at  adding borders and embellishing this one in 2017.

What's a year without a RSC? This quilt came together thanks to Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge. The block is Peace and Plenty. Needs border or just quilting? 

I participated in my first Block Swap. Barb (Fun with Barb) was the hostess and it was a lot of fun. This is something I would like to do again.

Also a first for me is the baby quilt I did for a craft sale. I've done baby quilts before but never for sale. More baby quilts will be added in the coming years.

Here's another basket I learned how to do in 2016. I've learned a whole lot more than just doing the basket, lol. It is still at that stage.

Bags of all kinds. Lots of busy bags ...

Lots of gift bags. All for the craft sale. My plan is to make a few items per month for the craft sale.

And I free motion quilted Hidden Gems, my RSC 2015, just last month. Needs to sew down the binding and a label. Yes!!

Oh and I forgot Westering Women. The first six blocks are done; need to do six more in 2017.

Phew! Not too shabby.  Now this being said, what do I do in 2017 ?

Well, first let's think about the January OMG. I want to work on my MIL's table runner. I need to piece a backing for it. You might be thinking it doesn't take a whole month to piece a little backing of 18 X 36 inches! and you would be right. Since my plan is to applique some autumn themed shapes on it so her table runner will be reversible, it will take me the month ... or maybe more!  Have to play with the design some more but I am getting there.

In January, I'm participating in a different kind of quilt-along.  Cécile (Patchwork Inspiration) and Béa (Une aiguille dans une botte de foin), in France, are offering a Log Cabin Blocks Quilt-Along, where you decide the colours, the fabric, the size, etc. It needs to be a Log Cabin block though; traditional block we link with Cécile or for modern blocks we link with Béa. You need to make at least 8 blocks a month for a minimum of 16 blocks. (But you can do more) The reveal is in March. This sounds like a goal for me. :^D

As I've said before, I don't do resolutions although I have a feeling 2017 will see a lot of red fabric.

Oh and the last year finished and this year started with some surprises. I won a prize from Lee Anna (Not Afraid of Color). I received some fun fur in the last week of December.
Luscious, right? Nice green and blue with a touch of light pink/salmon colour. Mmmm! Thank you Lee Anna.  I think something for Spring would be nice. So I picked a pattern and started to knit but I wasn't pleased with it so I'm waiting for Plan B to show up.

Yesterday, I had to go out on errands in the freezing rain. I decided to stop at the post office too and ... Oh My! a squishie envelope! Gayle (mangofeet) wrote a little note, saying this little piggy wants to see Canada. It was so happy to be here it jumped out of the envelope and licked my nose.

Isn't she adorable? All dressed in blue. I so love her. So as I'm driving back home, I told her about the snow and the freezing rain falling. She wanted to touch the snow. So we did.

She was running all over the place so fast I couldn't catch her with the camera but she left the smallest foot prints ever.

Then she crashed, just exhausted, out of breath. I showed her how to make a snowman. She ask why? Why? because it is fun to make snowmen. Why a snowman? Uhhhh!

So we made a snowpiglet.  I hope she never asks to go back home because I really love her. Thank you Gayle.

Until next time .... pick up a needle.


Oh! yes! Linking with Patty at Elm Street Quilts for OMG. Gosh! Almost forgot again.


  1. Oh Chantal, a snow piglet, eh? Good wet snow. Good luck with your OMG!

  2. Cute little piggies! You have an impressive list to work on. I'm also way behind with Westering Women, maybe we can keep each other motivated to finish.

  3. I am laughing so hard right now! 8)

  4. What a great post, Chantal!! I am still cracking up!!! Looks like your new piglet loves her new home and family!
    Your 365 Challenge quilt looks fabulous. And I am in love with that baby quilt!

  5. You did lots of great projects in 2016......goodluck for 2017.....

  6. C'est extra Chantal !! Tu me fais trop rire avec ce post !! Le porcelet est super cute !
    Bon ton bilan pour 2016 est largement positif non ? Je crois qu'on en arrive toutes les deux au même point : quilter ! LOL !
    On va s'encourager mutuellement !!

  7. Nice projects from 2016 and I love that snow pig. Looking forward to seeing your table runner. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

  8. Made me smile - your piggy in residence. Lots of beautiful projects there. Look forward to seeing your production in 2017.

  9. gosh you did heaps.... I love your snow piglet!!

  10. It's good to look back as it is to easy to forget! Great work in 2016 and I am looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings along. xx

  11. Not too shabby at all! Those string blocks are going to be so much fun. Lots of great quilts this year. You can guess though that my favorite is the RSC. Beautiful!


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