Friday, 13 January 2017

Hurry Up! It's Friday!!

Finally home and had a little bit of time to sew. Appointments on Friday afternoon should be illegal, lol.

Anywho! I made it to my sewing machine and hurried up to finish the piecing for the back of the table runner.

Pictured this morning in its "almost there" glory.

Ta-dah! Pictured after supper. Some blocks moved around during the short distance between the floor and the machine. How the ?? Because of those switched pieces, a few lot of times was spend with the ripper to remove two of the same fabric that were "suddenly" next to each other!  It is now pressed and awaits the next step which will involve these old shirts.

Not too sure about the raspberry coloured one but the others are pretty much hired for the task.

This week, I was able to play with a little bit of purple although I wouldn't call the purple in the Hole in the Barn Door block's scrap.

 Might not come out as purple but believe me, it is.

Also did a little 9-Patch for a quilt that's been sitting at the bottom of a drawer far too long.  Not saying it will be finished this year but its stack of blocks will grow. It uses 1.5 inches squares. The HST in the HITBD block finishes at 4.5 inches. Just saying.

Joining these wonderful ladies. Hope you will too.
Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict
Myra at Busy Hands Quilts
Angela at SoScrappy
Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework

Until next time ... play with purple.



  1. Can't wait to see step #2 of the table runner! Those neutrals are a fabulous background!
    Your Hole in the Barn Door is beautiful, too! And I love making nine patches. Enjoy!

  2. LOVE your pieced backing for table runner!! RATS!! I forgot all about your scrappy Hole in the Barn Door blocks... I really wanted to make those, too. Sigh!!

  3. Purples are hard to photograph, aren't they? Can't wait to see the table runner!

  4. This is something may have tried before. Before I take my quilt off of the design wall I take a to refer to if the blocks get mixed up. I don't know if it would work for your neutral blocks but it has worked well for me. The more time-consuming way is to upon a bit of paper on each block with the column and row written on it. I mine like this: 1-1, 1-2 etc.

  5. It is frustrating when the fabrics rearrange themselves during sewing. Sometimes they have their own ideas of where to go.

  6. I have had blocks rearrange themselves on me, too! So frustrating! Taking a picture is often helpful, but I don't always remember to do that. I like the Hole in the Barn Door block!

  7. oh those little fairies and elves playing with our fabric when we are out or sleeping...!!

  8. You are a thorough person. I would have left them together. But you now know it won't bother you. Nice purple choices, scraps or not. Purple can be hard to match up. Good going, have a fun week.

  9. Lovely neutral runner. Very cool version of a scrappy Hole in the Barn Door!

  10. love that background... so frustrating when the blocks move in spite of all the care taken...

  11. I had to resew a block 3 times... and it was sitting next to the sewing machine laid out as I pieced it! I feel your pain. The hole in the barn door is great with those scrappy strips.

  12. I am always amazed that the blocks seem to switch position on their own. So much frustrating seam ripping. I like your Hole in the Barn Door.

  13. I'm intrigued by your neutrals project - it's looking very interesting. :)

  14. I like your version of the Hole in the Barn Door and can't wait to see next step on table runner especially since it involves shirts!

  15. I love all those neutrals together. What a great scrap project. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  16. I like your Hole in the Barn door block. Adding the multicolr scraps with the main colr really adds a lot of interest. And the purple looks very purple to me :)

  17. Looking forward to seeing your table runner - love your purple block! xx

  18. My purples seem to photograph as more blue than purple. Looking forward to seeing your finished table runner.


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