Monday, 16 January 2017

I need to catch a Fever

My friends, Cécile (Patchwork Inspiration) and Béa (Une aiguille dans une botte de foin) are the hostesses for Log Cabin Quilt Along. We have to make 8 blocks per month. Only 8 blocks!! That's not hard, right? Riiiight!  Well, these are my blocks so far.

:^{   They all need a couple more rounds of 1.25" strips. So I need to catch a Log Cabin Fever and get  moving on this, lol. 

My leader/ender is sewing along too.  

Another thing that I will do this week involves this poor container. 
It is full to the brim and just can not accept another block.  So, it is time to empty it out onto this; 

The next border of the 365 Challenge is in that little container. Time to spread the joy all around it. This will be fun! :^D

What are you working on? Let us know by share it at Beth's place so we can all see and encourage you. Her address is right here at Love Laugh Quilt.
I will also be at Em's Scrapbag for Moving it Forward Monday.

Until next time ...  I'm planning something quilty. 



  1. Your 365 Challenge quilt is looking gorgeous! Thanks for the links to new linky parties :)

  2. Have a great time playing with your blocks!

  3. So many blocks! Can't wait to see more of your 365 challenge quilt.

  4. chantal, your log cabin blocks are coming along GREAT!! Can't wait to see all 16! And the bin with all the blocks is fabulous!! BRAVO to you!

  5. wow that's a lot of blocks! I'm doing the sew along too!

  6. I love the little log cabin blocks you're working on! And your 365 quilt is so gorgeous! It will be worth all of the effort in the end!

  7. oh wow, your 365 quilt is looking amazing.... lots of lovely projects

  8. Cute little log cabins - it will be good to see another round on your 365. xx

  9. Your scrappy log cabins look great!
    Can't wait to see the next round on the 365 quilt.

  10. Oh bravo Chantal ! Tes blocs de Log sont très beaux et j'adooore les couleurs ! Ton quilt de 356 blocs va être gigantesque mais ô combien magnifique !! wow....


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