Monday, 9 January 2017

Monday's Promises

Although I have spent many hours in my sewing room, I don't have much to show for it. One of the reason is because I'm pulling in all the threads on Hidden Gems, aka RSC2015.  I'll spare you looking at another picture of that one.

I did a little bit of sewing, trying to assemble a backing for my MIL's table runner.
Table runner top
This is all I have so far.

A Shoo-fly block, a Friendship Star block and a regular 9-Patch.

Some more units are cut or assembled and some more need to be cut. It is all in neutral fabrics because my plan is to applique Autumn themed shapes to it.

It is slowly coming together. Since this is my OMG (One Monthly Goal) for January, I have to put the pedal to the metal and sew on! :^D

The backdrop in these picture is the purple I pulled out for RSC. As you can plainly see, I haven't done anything about it yet. Gosh! It's January and I am already behind in my schedule. This is going to be a FUN year! lol.

Until next time ... stay warm! (Last weekend, we've hit our first -25 C of the year. We are expecting +6 C on Thursday. Yep, I live in Canada where the weather doesn't always follow the seasons, lol. )


Joining Beth at Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Makings.
Joining Nicki at Mrs Sew & Sow for Scraptastic Tuesday.
See you there!


  1. BRRRR. Stay warm...
    Love that backing! Great way to use up small pieces! What does the front look like?
    Watch for your French General scraps... mailing them today!

  2. It IS only the second week of January. There's lots of time to get to your OMG. If only there wasn't so much bookkeeping this time of year, not to mention meals, laundry and everything else! We haven't had -20 yet, but it has come close. Western NY is nearly as cold as Canada at times.

  3. Can't wait to see that applique on those neutral blocks - that's going to be gorgeous!
    It's been cold here, too. I'm ready for spring, but I was actually ready for spring about midway through November...

  4. the weather is very up and down... we are going into another heat wave. I love your neutral blocks...

  5. We are subzero here in Maine, which is the norm for January. I hate to go out... Your neutrals quilt with autumn appliques will probably be stunning. A nice project for winter. Like the sampler blocks too!


  7. I love this idea! Looking forward to more photos in the future. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

  8. That's a fun runner. It looks like it will be reversible with the back you are pulling together.


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