Saturday, 7 January 2017

Past RSC quilts

Today, Angela at So Scrappy asks Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilters to share their rainbow quilts with the RSC newcomers as an inspiration, a starting point. Since I been a RSC quilter for only the last two years, I don't have a lot to share but I'll gladly share what I have made so far.

I made this quilt a long, long time ago, prior blogger, prior Internet (at my house at least) and I love it so much I wanted another one... eventually. When I started to read blogs, some quilters were making rainbow quilts by following Angela's colour of the month. I jumped it.
In January 2015, I started making the same blocks but in a smaller size. I apologise for not knowing the name of this block.

 As the month passed, the blocks piled up.
 In mid-year, my rainbow looked like this and I was very pleased.
By the end of the year, I had a lovely quilt and I was completely hooked on RSC

Came January 2016, I still joined Angela and the Rainbow quilters for another fun year but I added a personal challenge into the game: to use older fabrics in my stash. So I picked these fabrics for the RSC.

I looked through many books to find a block that would be simple enough yet fun, you know, it needs to be fun ... I mean they're M & M Candy after all.  :^D
I settled on Peace and Plenty, a 12 inches block.  And the game was on ...
Month after month, the block changed colour.
I didn't used brown or black for simple reasons but I still needed a twelfth block. I thought a rainbow would work. And it did.

 By October my quilt was done.

It patiently awaits for its borders. Hopefully, it will be finish some time this year.

For 2017, I will participate again and I will make ... uhhh ... there is too many to name here, I mean, I haven't settled on one or two yet.  Maybe today, as I am perusing the links on RSC2017, I will make a decision.

Until next time .... sew up a rainbow.



  1. Your pinwheel quilt is magical. The border for that quilt is perfect. Your quilt is a wonderful example of how RSC blocks grow up to be amazing quilts.

  2. I still want to make your Pinwheel Quilt, but it will have to wait for another year!! Good luck choosing your RSC17 project(s.) I agree. The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is SEW much FUN!!!

  3. I love both these quilts. I'm getting more and more inclined to jump into the RSC challenge. Even just one blocks a month, over time, adds up!.

  4. I'm continuing to make pinwheel blocks for 2017, and I'm still dithering whether to add your Peace and Plenty. I've got plenty of time to make up my mind, right?
    I love both your quilts, but I tell you that every time, don't I? 8)

  5. Wow - that is such a cool block and great quilt!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What could make you happier than a rainbow m&m quilt. So happy you have been able to use up so many great scraps -- especially those soon to be vintage selections.

  7. I'm loving your M&M's quilt....I remembered when you blogged about using that fabric and I wondered how it would I know, fabulous :)

  8. Your Pinwheel rainbow quilt is super awesome!!

  9. Beautiful! I love the quilt on your banner photo, too! :)

  10. those are so inspirational... I am joining in for the first time this year...

  11. I love that M&M quilt!! What a super fun pattern to highlight the rainbow scrap colors. Definitely inspirational :)

  12. Good luck choosing! I'm sure I'll end up with a new block eventually, as everyone chooses such delightful ones!

  13. Well you know I love your rainbow quilts so good to see them again. I have my purple blocks cut out and ready to sew! xx

  14. Oohhh!!! That pinwheel quilt 😍 pretty! It's exactly what I would like to end up with!

  15. LOVE that pinwheel rainbow quilt, its a perfect example of scrappy goodness in action :)


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