Saturday 24 February 2024

Weekend at the Retreat

NOT! Due to my financial situation, I didn't go to the retreat with the girls. We still sew together via FB. The saddest part is that I'm not the only one missing out on the fun. 😟

So, what am I working on during my In-Home Retreat? 

Shoreline, of course. I said that I would attempt to double the number of blocks already done. I changed my mind when I counted the blocks: 38 blocks done so far. I'll just do my best to do as many as possible all the while keeping in mind that I need 128 of each block. 😵 It's a good thing that February has one more day this year. 😄

Shoreline Assembly Line 
Sixteen blocks were added to the pile this week. It takes about half an hour to sew two block-A. And lots of cutting time. But this weekend is sewing time! 

After reading Joy's post regarding the 100 Days 100 Things Decluttered, I looked around my sewing room with a different eye. So much fabric, so little time. 

DH said: Stop accepting bags of scraps.  
Nope!Me: "Fine, but no more Pepsi for you! Fabric is MY addiction!" 
Him: "I understand but I don't keep the empty cans." 
Me: 😒 Okay, point taken. 

So, decluttering started. A few piles got smaller as I purged some fabric I didn't like. Why keep the skimpy one when I have some real, nice quilting cotton? Changing things around made me realise all that I have. Wow! 

This little drawer holding all my 2.5" was overflowing like most of the drawers around here. (Please, don't mind the cat food and the quilt waiting for some attention.)

One-third of the drawer is done. It will need more than one tub to empty it.

The squares will reside in these tubs. The drawers will hold my books, magazines, etc. The tubs will go on the shelf. It will be easier (I hope) to get to the pieces I need than from the drawer. At least, I can bring the tub to the sewing machine. 💡 This cleaning will take a while. 

Today, I am joining Joy in another challenge: The Table Scrap Challenge. The theme was heart, the same as my group, the Artisanat. Talk about nailing two challenges with one project! Yay! 

I used the backing fabric for the binding, just turn it to the front and sew. I had some problems with the corner because it is the first time I've used this technic and I didn't YouTube it beforehand. Some learning occurred. 

Leaving you with some 9 Patch blocks. Not many, but some got done with whatever little 1.5" pieces were found during the decluttering. 

Enjoy! ;^)

Will be joining these talented ladies. See you there.  


Fiona said...

The best thing about doing the retreat at home is you get to sleep in your own bed!! Decluttering a bit does help in the long run I think - very hard removing fabric out. I did have a laugh at your discussion - we have similar round here!

Take care...

Quilting Babcia said...

Every quilt block made is a tiny bit of decluttering. One finished queen size quilt equals around 14-16 yards of fabric decluttered from the stash! See, I'll bet you feel better already!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

just think of all those quilts the scraps can make - someone always wants them - I've got boxes of squares too - now I need to use them!!

Astrid said...

I think we all need to declutter. I have a big box containing non-quilting fabrics (bits and pieces) and other stuff. I'm telling myself I HAVE TO attack that one! Good luck to you! A little bit done every day is good. Sorry you couldn't go to the retreat, but home-retreat isn't that bad either? LOL on your discussion! Similar here too! Cute 9-patches and adorable heart. Great progress on Shoreline. I had boxes with 2.5" too, last year I sew most of them into 36-patches. It has become a pile of course, but happy to say I now have only one box containing 2.5".

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Finalement c'est mieux de ne pas t'être déplacée en retraite, tu avances bien sur tes blocs avec les amies en visio, et en plus tu peux ranger et réorganiser ton atelier ! Shoreline va être magnifique, mais quel travail !!
Merci pour le partage ;)

Lin said...

Great heart and red too! No point keeping fabric you don't like - move it on to someone who does. Well, who knows what you might find whilst decluttering - have fun but make time to sew as well. xx

Deb said...

When I come across a fabric I don't like, I wondered how I got it, did I really buy that? Great job sorting and decluttering, it does make us feel lighter. Stay safe and sew on!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

We could stand some decluttering around here, too. But, meanwhile, we sew! I love the heart block you turned into a sweet mini quilt - perfect for February. Your assembly line for Shoreline looks like it will work nicely!

Deb A said...

I need to declutter as well, but it is much more fun to just sew! Your heart block is beautiful. Glad you were able to sew at home.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Stop accepting scraps?! In my opinion, your DH might as well be saying stop breathing! Each scrap enhancement opens a door of opportunity for renewed creativity. Thanks for joining me in decluttering, Chantal, as it's nice to have an accountability partner. Sweet little Heart mini for the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge! Hoping you enjoyed your At-Home Quilt Retreat. Sometimes those are the best - we have everything we need right there! said...

I'm with Joy about her take on not accepting scraps! Think of all the space you have saved in the landfill when you used scraps! I too am decluttering. It is hard work and I would much rather stitch! While I enjoyed attending in-person retreats, since COVID, I've found that I don't enjoy packing up my stuff for a sew day. I find that I'm taking handwork. One of the guilds that I belong to, provides a Zoom link every Friday from 10am to 11pm. People come and go and some even return throughout the day. I use that as a day retreat! I look forward to Fridays and catching up with people and their projects!

Nann said...

One of the roadblocks in decluttering is that you happen upon something you set aside because it might be good for something, someday, and you still think that it back in the bin it goes. But you're making progress, and that's good! Nine-patches are always handy to have.

QuiltGranma said...

I hope your hubby recycles those cans! I have finally realized that I need to share, from where my fabric and so much more is, The boxes and bags of clothing and patterns that went in there over 12 years ago, and still remains untouched! Now to find room to do that!

Rose said...

I have been in the process of cutting scraps to usable sizes. I have them sorted by color, although I do have a little tub of 2.5" squares. I just bought a second drawer unit like the one you have at a thrift store. Have been trying to decide how and where to use it. I think you have just solved that dilemma. Thanks for the post.