Saturday, 28 June 2014

In the long shadows

of the early morning, I am peacefully piecing. Playing with hexies, flannel scraps and the assembly line on this placid, serene morning filled with birds' songs proclaiming their joy to the new day.

I am slowly finishing the last of the purple / light blue diamonds and cutting the next colour which will be dark green.

Got to refill that cup. Did a few stitching lines on the flannel scraps for the crumb quilt.

I did accomplished a lot even though the setting doesn't accommodate a fast past. But now the boys are up so my day will start too. Time to make breakfast and laundry and ... the chores!!
Poor little diamond will have to way its turn on the to-do list before it gets finished.  Hopefully today! Only two more to do.

I am linking with Angie for a weekend of Hexies.  Take a few seconds to check out the gorgeous quilt she has on her blog today. So different, so beautiful, so hexy!

Until next time ... SMiLE ... and the peace will be within.


  1. Your garden looks very peaceful and in a lovely setting. I just received in the mail, a pack of 1" hexies and some liberty fabric. Sent to me by a fellow blog pal. How lucky am I?

  2. what a fabulous spot for some quiet stitching.... beautiful...

  3. I love being able to stitch outdoors. It's cooled off enough to do it tonight - if it just weren't for that heavy wind. Gotta grab the moments to stitch whenever we can, right? ;-)

  4. What a lovely setting to sit and sew in! xx


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