Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WOW on vacation

WOW (WIP on Wednesday) with Esther!

I am on vacation for three days !!! YEAH!!! I love my job but ... it is demanding and sometimes, just sometimes, I feel my age!!  But I can forget all about that and just enjoy the next three days.  Of course, I've made a list of chores so long it will take me 6 days to finish it all but I will do what I can and ... take more vacation to finish it off LOL!

Today, on this GOOOORRRRGEOUS sunny Wednesday, I am working playing with fabric since

six o'clock this morning! Love the early morning hours when only the birds are singing, no cars, no children, no dogs barking... just the sun and the birds... and a mug full of coffee of course!!
Anywho! I decided to quilt Take 21 with leaves and a few geckos. The quilt reminds me of ancient Inca's temples in South America so I thought it needed some leaves and lizards.

I know you can't see it very well on this picture but believe me I did start to work quilt it. I will take pictures from the back once it is done to show the quilting. That light blue fabric is so busy I loose the pattern in it and I am having trouble finding a pencil that writes on that red fabric. It seems to be protected from any kind of marks! Looks like that journey will be slow and somewhat annoying. No pain, no gain! I have two needles threaded at the ready.  Always two needles. Anyone else prepares needles in advance like that?

Garnishing my floor is a crumb quilt made with flannels.  I have three to make like this and I have only 120 blocks done.  So another 120 blocks to go. When the two quilting needles are empty, I sew at the machine for a little bit just to move around because otherwise, I just quilt and quilt and cramp up!

Of course, there is also a LOT of unrelated to quilt or fabric tasks to do ... (but I will spare you that boring blah, blah. I will have that conversation with son #2 who is at home today also! Yeah! a helper! ) Instead, I will encourage you to check out Esther's blog and see what others are up to. Have fun.

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it lifts the spirit.


  1. it is wonderful to have some days off to sew as you like.... I also have a couple of different things on the go so that I don't just sit in one place... I love both of those quilts that you are working on.... enjoy your time off...

  2. You are making good use of your time off. I think we have the same quilt frame. I work multiple needles on the frame. Less when using a hoop.

  3. Love your crumb quilt blocks! I've never made a quilt from flannels ... maybe I need to! ;-)


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