Sunday, 22 June 2014

Aaaahhh!!! Sunday!

Thank Goodness for Sunday! It's a beautiful sunny windy day here and I hope I will get to enjoy it a bit. We have another open house so it's clean, clean, clean the house and then while we wait for guests to arrive, I will try to weed out the sand box. It's not a pretty sight!

Anywho, the most important thing is ....

I've got 5 diamonds attached to the quilt and only 5 more to go. In the winter time, I assemble the diamonds during lunch break at work and I always have more than one row of diamonds ready to be sown to the quilt.  In the summer time, it is very hard to stay indoor and do some stitching, so I am running low on diamonds to attach.  I have to get busy with these little guys!

I think I have 5 diamonds completed so far... oh well, I guess I have a lot of sitting-outside-stitching-some-pretty-little-hexies to do! Aawwhhh! Poor me!! ;^)

Oh no! Run away hexies!  Hey! Come back here ... I need you!! Oh come on, I don't have time for this. I want to check out all the links on Kathy's Quilts. There's always a lot of beautiful things being made Slow Sunday Stitching.  Also linked to Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden.

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it's SUMMER TIME!!  (officially.)


  1. Chasing after runaway hexies is one way to exercise while Slow Sunday Stitching. Good luck on your open house.

  2. You are too funny! I hope you were able to round up those runaways! Enjoy your slow stitching in the sunshine today. Good luck with the open house =).

  3. So funny! It's turned into summer here ... temps in the mid 90's. Too hot and humid to sit outside and stitch my hexies. :-( Can't wait for fall when it will cool off enough to get back to stitching outside.

  4. Chantal, this is going to be an awesome quilt, I was thinking your story of the runaway hexes is a bit like the gingerbread man, here we are in our winter, although it was cool today it was very sunny and lovely, so I didn't get to quilt a lot as I was outside in the garden whilst it was fine

  5. Your hexie quilt is amazing! Good luck with the open house and enjoy your Slow Stitching Sunday!

  6. Be sure to catch those hexies and keep them safe. Enjoy your stitching today. I think I am going to sit on my porch and quilt.

  7. If I was stitching outside by hexies would be wet and runaway, and muddy and .... Looks like you are having fun though. Great diamond quilt!

  8. Your hexie quilt is wonderful! It is lovely that you are able to spend some time outside stitching. It would help if the hexies would stay put!

  9. OH dear... runaways! Did you catch them all? LOL
    It looks fabulous!
    Thanks for linking up!


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