Saturday, 21 June 2014

Some borders required ...

Yes, it definitively need some borders.  I think I need more fabric ... as in a little shopping trip is needed. ☺  We'll see.

Close up ...

All the little scraps of flannels and odd shapes pieces from when I did the boys some pajamas are used in these quilts.  I should have iron it before taking pictures!  

Yesterday was graduation day for DS 2. It was very emotional for many different reasons.  I came back home very tired and my head full of memories and lots of "wonder where this person is now".  Anyway, it was a fun day filled with proud moments. 

Until next time ... SMiLE ... a little goes a long way. 


  1. As gorgeous as that quilt is, I agree ... I think it "needs" some borders. ;-) I can't wait to see what you choose.

    Yes, those milestones in our children's (and now, for me, grandchildren's) lives do bring a variety of emotions, don't they? {{hug}}

  2. your quilt is just lovely... and full of memories.
    Well done to DS2.... and all the memories and emotions that go with it...

  3. What about just extending with a white thin border ?

  4. Your scrappy quilt is wonderful! The best part about making scrap quilts is looking at the fabrics and remembering.

    Congrats to your son!


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