Monday, 23 June 2014

Monday's Options

On the GRRRRRREAT design floor,

we have, EXCLUSIVELY today only ...


... a 
                                              quilt !!   :(

Yes, well, the thing is I don't know what to do for borders on this one.  
Reason being: too many choices ... or not enough fabric ?   Hmmm maybe I need to go shopping? Let's see.

I did audition lots of fabrics ...  some together 

some alone ...    some were very nice but ... nope! 

most were too busy ... nope!

Some didn't seem to know which one was first ...  nope 

nope ...

 ...  nope

nope ... 

So I am at a stand still, waiting for inspiration, at the corner of Scrap and Quilts. Looking up and down the streets. Gosh, where is Inspiration?  There's no traffic today!  Absolutely no one is coming down the street. No ideas driving by. No Spurs honking.  No What-ifs flashing lights. No Perhaps whistling. My brain is so dry, I almost need a tumbleweed rolling by here. 

Well there! At least  I have that!  

Ok! So I'll just pack that one in the closet for awhile and ... (the quilt, not the weed) ... forget about it!! One day, I'll get it out and it will come to me .. or not .. and it will never have borders and just be finished as is.  Oh ugly!

But, what is that I hear? Is that music ♪♫♫
Who is this coming down Scrap Road?
Well, its ♫♫♪ Revelation ♪♫♪ trotting by on his horse.
What's up?
Peace? Oh Piece.  Yes, yes of course, piece it.

Hmmm .... let's try again ....

Oh, I'm really getting somewhere and it's not at the LQS ...  what do you think?  I think I need to get these little squares together.  ;^) 

Until next time ... SMiLe ... ♪♫♪  it's inspiring♫♫. 


  1. Fun post! I think you will have a finish very soon.

  2. This quilt looks beautiful, I love scraps! If this can help : "In the doubt add red"!

  3. I just love scrap quilts.... and this is a beauty...

  4. I like the scrappy border idea.....great thinking!!


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