Saturday, 14 June 2014

Something about hexies

My century quilt is getting so big that I now have to bring it outside to view the whole "ensemble". There is always enough room on a clothesline.

Really don't like that blue row but I ain't about to rip it out of there.  No thank you! I am sure I will learn to accept it and live with it. :^)   Closer and closer.

I am getting closer to the end.  I think I am about half way done. I would like it to be like that on my bed, with horizontal rows.  When I started it back in 2011, I thought if I get tired of working on it, I will just make it for a single bed with vertical rows. But I find it looks so funny the other way. 

Well.... maybe it is just me!?
Twenty rows completed. Next comes another row of red diamond. These ones.

And I would also like to sew "Take 21" together this weekend and call it a flimsy.  We'll see how much I can get accomplished.

Hope you too find time to stitch a bit. 

Until next time .... SMiLE ... it burns calories !!  


  1. It's wonderful... and I rather like the blue set in there.... what a lot of work and it is stunning...

  2. I just LOVE hexies ... and I love your hexie quilt! What a neat setting you've chosen!

  3. Allo. C'est vrai que la ligne bleue sort du lot. Peut-être ajouter une ou deux autres lignes avec du bleu un peu aussi punché va la faire disparaître un peu en dispersant l'attention sur les autres. C'est vraiment beau comme disposition des hexies, en alternant le pâle et le foncé.

  4. That quilt is just amazing. I've made a lot of blocks but haven't put very many of them together yet. It's just gorgeous. I think I agree with you; I like the horizontal rows, but it's great either way. I love hexagons!

  5. Magnifique, quel travail !

  6. This is gorgeous.
    I follow your blog now and hope you will follow mine.


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