Saturday, 28 May 2016

I got my hand on some greens

 ....  it's not money, but it is almost as good. It's my green fabrics.

I knew I had some somewhere but I couldn't get my hands on it. For some reason, it has been stored away with this quilt.

A blue and green Jacob's Ladder done in 2013. It is just a top.  Done for my 6 feet tall son who doesn't really like it. So it got folded and put away.

I will presume that I'd put the green fabrics with it because ... I wanted to do a border? Oh poor memory of mine, it is not always reliable. Anywho! Now that I have more greens, I did a few more tulips for my MIL table runner.

My friend, Pink, pointed out that tulips usually have two leaves growing next to the flower, like enveloping it. So I tried to flip the leaves around to "envelop" my tulip and ... well what do you think? Please let me know. I appreciate your input.

Linking up with Angela at so scrappy for RSC for more greens ... (still no cash), but lots of beautiful projects to see.

Until next time ...



  1. Like the Tulip blocks... the "traditional" way. LOVE the Blue and GREEN Jacob's Ladder quilt!!!

  2. What a pretty JL quilt top. I find I love the blog since I tend to write what I was planning with quilts and can go back and refresh my memory years later when it sees daylight again. I prefer the 3 tulips but it's your quilt... so which way do you prefer it?

  3. I love that Javob's Ladder quilt! Too bad your son doesn't. Maybe you will find someone else to give it to! I, also, like the traditional tulip blocks, but it might be fun to have one or two that are different!

  4. Very pretty! I like the Jacob's Ladder quilt!

  5. Well it looks like your son is the *only* one who doesn't love the Jacob's Ladder... 8)
    I like the traditional tulips better, too, but like Deb said - it's your quilt!

  6. The JL quilt is a very nice piece of work. I know how sons can be about liking quilts. My Chris wanted a black one and I said no way. I made it blue with an Amish strip.

  7. I'm glad you found your green scraps; you've got a couple more days in May. Your Jacobs ladder top is lovely: boys! My son is just the same: no quilts for him!
    Tulips don't have leaves next to the flowers, but the newly opened blooms have a green tinge at the base of the petals:
    Tulip leaves are broad and long from near the base of the stem. You don't need to make any more HSTs!

  8. Coucou Chantal ! J'aime bien ta version de la tulipe enveloppée ! Le dernier bloc ... Si ton fils ne veut pas de son top, je le veux bien ah ! ah !
    Bon dimanche !

  9. I like your version -- such a simple change, but it really is a different look. The green leaves right next to the petals are the sepals. They are modified leaves which protect the bud.

  10. Your Jacobs ladder quilt is lovely. You should quilt it! The tulips are gorgeous and I like the setting on the three tulips. It looks more like leaves. Great job on the stitching for this week.

  11. I like the tulips done in the tradional manner, but see nothing wrong with either way. Men and quilts! My husband confesses he doesn't really like quilts, but he tolerates them on the bed since I LOVE them!

  12. gosh your jacobs ladder quilt is lovely - you should finish it even if your son doesn't want it.... lovely tulips... not sure about which way to go.

  13. I like your Jacob's Ladder. I might prefer your first three tulips, but they're all pretty!


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