Friday, 13 May 2016

Sew Full of Love (Part III)

After seeing the Ottawa Modern Guild Quilt show, Pink and I went down the stairs to the rink to see the Common Thread Quilt Guild Show. So much talent there too. Come, have a look.

Some were very complex ... and amazing.

 Some were simpler ... and beautiful

We were interested in the "friends" in this one. Just cute. Half pieced; half appliqué.

He was my favourite one in this quilt. 

 Some were more juvenile ... and funny. 

Although it is called Purple Passion Sampler, it was actually the same colour as in the picture; kind of a periwinkle blue.

The next three quilts were made with father's shirts after his passing. The first one is hers. 

Shirts' labels still attached. 

Look! Even Judy Martin was there lol. I love her designs and was very pleased with the execution of this one. Just GOOORRRRRGEEEOUS!! :^D

I think that covers the bigger quilts section. Hope you have enjoyed it. Next stop medium and small quilts section. 

Until next time ... 



  1. Thanks for sharing more beautiful quilts. The lighting looks so good in your pictures veryi mpressive.

  2. what an amazing assortment of quilts

  3. Thank you - brilliant. xx

  4. Beaucoup de quilts bleus...pour ton plus grand plaisir j'imagine !
    Quel beau salon pour petits et grands ! Merci Chantal !
    Bises et bon week-end !

  5. Thank you for the quilt show! I don't get to go to them in person anymore so this is wonderful!


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