Monday, 16 May 2016

Sew Full of Love (Part IV) and Show Stopper!

Last session of photos from the Ottawa Quilt Show. The medium and small quilts with the miniature ones too.
Enjoy! :^D

Pink's hand to show how small the pieces are. Amazing!

I couldn't find where the block started or what kind of block it was. Still intrigued. 

This one measures only 12.5 X 20.5 and yet it has so much details. Loved it.

Loved this one too as it is one of Sue Garman's design. 

I was very attracted by this one and examined it for a long time. Beautiful!

Each (Pickle Dish?) block was quilted with a different design. Very well done. 

And now .... 

Are you ready for the show stopper? 





Yes it is all hand appliqué and hand quilted! There was always a crowd in front of this one.  It was so remarkably well made in every way.  Pink and I were both floored ... and we were not alone lol.

Oh! and I did encouraged the vendors ... a little bit. I was a very good girl.

4 half meters from Sew Inspired. 

3 Fat Quarters from Mad About Patchwork.
(the first polka-dot fabric is actually beautiful baby pink.)

And a little too much from Heartworks. What a lovely little booth this one was. (I can't flip this picture right side up. There's always one to aggravate me!   D^:  ) This store is not that far from my home and ... oh boy, am I in the hot soup now!! LOL.

Anyway, I now realized that I didn't take one picture of the vendors. NOT ONE!!!  Well, I was a newbie at this so I guess it is to be expected that I forget something lol.

I hope you enjoyed my sample of the Ottawa Quilt Show as much as we had. I hope it was not too long. So many more quilts I didn't take in pictures but I had to limit myself ... just a touch. :^D  I can't wait for the next one. Quilt shows are as addictive as quilting lol.

Until next time ...



  1. Thanks for the tour of the quilt show! I really enjoyed 'going with' you. 8) So much to inspire!
    I've got the Karen Stone book that Rattlesnake/Salsa Picante is in, and it's one of the quilts on my someday list. I sure hope I live to be 300...

  2. These are all terrific. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful are right...the last one is a stunner!

  4. Mais non, ce n'était pas trop long !
    Bien au a contraire je me suis régalée ! Merci pour tes posts et tes photos Chantal !
    Et tu as été très raisonnable pour tes achats !

  5. HOLY COW! It takes a special kind of person to dream up and then follow all the way through with a quilt like the circular stained glass job. Was there a ribbon on that one, or some kind of award given? If not there should have been! But it looks like Canada is chock full of spectacular quilters so maybe there just aren't enough ribbons to go around. ;- )

  6. It looks like a terrific show. Thanks for taking us along! That stained glass window is so exquisite. It had better win a ribbon or two!


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