Saturday, 21 May 2016

Messy Sewing Sessions

For someone who said she won't start a new project ... I sure am in trouble! On the other hand, they are very beautiful troubles. :^D

The mitred corners blocks for the 365 Challenge were really a challenge for me. I made it my OMG (One Monthly Goal) challenge to kick my butt into action help me along.

To alleviate the tension in the sewing room, these string blocks started to appear. (as per last week.)

Last month, the RSC's colour was orange and some string blocks turned out orange.

And then, this happened!  (For those who followed by blog for a long time, I did do a few string blocks about two years ago as testers. They have joined the newest ones.)

Well, there's no point in stopping now, right?  :^D  This week, the string blocks turned green,

 and that is how a string quilt was started in my sewing room without my consent. (hehehe.)

Somehow, the army of strings on the sewing table managed to construct the 365 Challenge blocks.

Okay, so the last one (bottom right) is not a mitred corner block like on the pattern. It is a HSTs block because I just couldn't rise in the morning knowing I had to face another mitred corner block. (Sorry but I was beyond my limit.) Especially that the block in question had 8 (yes eight! like a spider!) mitred corners.

Those blocks really hindered my opinion of my sewing talent! So I had to pieced some more just to easy my mind. 

Aaaahh! I feel better. Which brings me to the block of March 21st.
(Yes, I am exactly TWO months behind!)

And look which block Kathryn chose for that day.   YIKES!!

I mean just LOOK at it!  

Isn't that eeEEeeEerie?   }^8>

Would you really call that fortuitousness? !

For those of you who don't understand why this is so hair raising for me, let me explain.

Julie from Julie K Quilts called a kind-of-sew-along with log cabin blocks, appropriately called "Log Cabin Lunacy". You pick your colours, layout, and size, and make your blocks when you can,  as long as it's log cabin blocks, it's good. The linky party to show our progress is once a month, on the day of the full moon. (You know, luna=moon. Just love this.)

Well, today is the FULL MOON day! (paste sound of a terrified woman screaming here!)

How did Julie knew? OOoooohhh! CreeEEeepy! (So happy we're not in October!!)

Anywho!! I will make a log cabin today. Or two, because this little wee one will not go into my log cabin quilt.
But the next ones will ! They will also be bigger. HA!

These are the fabrics I pulled out so far for the Log Cabin quilt, all from my stash. I'll have to find more light coloured fabrics  ...  and maybe one other colour?  Haven't done a B/W quilt yet.

And I picked the layout too ... but you'll have to wait until the next full moon to see it.
MHOOAAHH! AAHH! AH!       <8^{

Joining Angela at Soscrappy for Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
Joining Julie at JulieKQuilts for Log Cabin Lunacy.
Joining Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden for WIPs Be Gone. 
Joining Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework for Oh Scraps! 
Lots of fun this weekend. Enjoy!

Until next time ...

P.S. Just so you know, I am not superstitious.  :^D


  1. I'm LOVING those scrappy string blocks!! Colors on one side, white in the middle, and random scrappy on the other side. SEW pretty!!

  2. Love those strings! Please please please don't tempt me with ANOTHER new project. I already seem to have started some log cabins...

  3. I love your string blocks! I always try to make at least a dozen a month!!

  4. Your strings are great! Now, don't get all hysterical, just because there's a full moon, LOL. At least there are no mitred corners in a log cabin or two, (or a hundred)! 😳 😉

  5. I do love string blocks and I have a couple bins of strings just waiting for me to dig in...soon! :)

  6. Comme tout le monde, j'adore tes blocs avec les bandes ! Ça va etre super chouette !
    Bon courage pour ton Log...c'est génial d'en faire un tu verras, mais tout aussi génial quand il se termine. Gros bisous ! :)

  7. It's easy to get roped into another just plain happens! I love those tiny blocks...crazy tiny! The log cabin is one of my favorite blocks, although I have never gone that small...I may need to challenge myself now!

  8. I adore string quilts and I really like what you are creating with yours. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  9. You cannot be faulted for choosing strings over miters. And we all know how one string block leads to another! All things considered, you've done very well this week. :-)

  10. I love string quilts and your blocks look great!!

  11. Love the string blocks! It's the accidental quilt, what with all those unintended blocks.

  12. Who cares what project you work on! As long as you are having fun. And it sounds like you have enjoyed yourself in the sewing room this week :)

  13. What a fun bunch of string blocks!!! Gorgeous!!!

  14. It'll be fabulous! Love the string blocks!

  15. yes indeed those mitered corner blocks were NOT fun...however, i persevered....that is my project for this week...get current...after 3 days of nearly constant sewing, i am now up to april getting IS certainly a challenge! glad to see your blocks...they are very nice

  16. Loads of fun there in all those blocks. I like that Lucky Clover block, but 8 mitered corners?! No way. Lol, thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.

  17. We can't resist another project sometimes....especially when it is log cabin blocks!

  18. Congratulations! You won a prize on my blog, for sharing your log cabin blocks...send me your address!!


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