Monday, 16 May 2016

Westering Women Progress

With all the posts about the Ottawa Quilt Show, I didn't take the time to show you what I did. (Well, it's not much but I'll show you anyway. ) 

Westering Women block of March was the Sweet Gum Leaf block.  Inset seams again! (I had enough with the 365 Challenge.) But this block asks for bigger pieces, maybe it will be easier to assemble. :^)

I tried a few colour combination. 

With a name like "Trail's End" this background fabric had to be included in the Westering Women quilt., right?

The stem is way too big but I am not starting over. As you can tell by the picture, my leaf is not laying flat. I tried, and tried, and tried, and gave up. This is how it will stay. Not matter the size of the pieces, inset seams and I don't play nice together. Period!  I hope to be able to quilt it into a more obedient shape. lol.

For April, the  block is called The Lone Elm.

 ... which I am still working on it. :^D

I also worked on the 365 Challenge March's blocks. Yes March's blocks! Got four (wonky) mitred corners blocks done and...

March 17th is all cut up and on the ready ... but I am not ready! I need a break from these mitred corners.

So I'll finish the Lone Elm and make some more tulip blocks.

Oh! Didn't I tell you about the tulips?
Oh! I didn't!
Well,  it's a ... uh-hum ... new project  ...
A commission! It's a commission for my Mother-in-law.   :^D

She asked me to do something to cover the RV's table. Can I say no? Of course not!! She said she is no hurry and to surprise her. Well, she loves playing in her flowerbeds and she is proud of her flowers, so I thought some tulips would be nice. (Actually, I really don't know WHAT I am doing.) Stay tuned!

Today, I am joining Love, Laugh, Quilt for Making Monday.

Until next time ...



  1. Oh, yes, those mitered corners... Eventually you get to the end of them. Hang in there!
    Your tulips are adorable!

  2. I think your blocks look great!

  3. J'aime bien tes tulipes moi ! Et ton bloc 3 du WW est très réussi !

  4. Great blocks and a good start with the tulips. xx

  5. I don't do set in seams either. Love the colors you choose for that block and your tulip blocks. Have fun with your new project.


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