Monday, 9 May 2016

Sew Full of Love (Part II)

My "Ottawa Modern Guild quilt show" tour continues.

This is my friend "Pink" admiring and learning about quilts. She sews, beautifully I should add, and used to hand quilt with her mother. Unfortunately, her mother passed away way too young and Pink, only 23 at the time, gave up on sewing in general. Now she is all excited about it again. :^)

Very interesting quilt and beautifully quilted too. 

My husband loves Rush too. 

A string quilt?  It was cool! Should have pictured the quilting in it. Named "Waiting on Sunshine"

Now for more colourful quilts. 
All it said on the label was "Irena".

"Music".  Pink really liked that one. 

Reminded me of Rainbow Scrap Challenge lol.
It's made with the scrap accumulated from her first 25 quilts. Cool.

This one was full of cardinals, bugs, foxes, woodland critters. Loved the fabric.

When I saw this one, I had a thought for all my French friends. (Bonjour les copines.)
It was made by Krista Zaleski. (see last post to see Krista's work and blog)

This is it for the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild show.
Next post will the Common Thread Quilt Guild show.  Yes, more fun to come.

Until next time .... 



  1. Some beautiful quilts, here! And food for thought, as well! (I'm looking at you, Music!)
    I'll look at and enjoy every quilt photo you care to post. Bring it on!

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of wonderful quilts, Chantal.

  3. Je pense que ton amie et toi, vous avez dû prendre plein d'idées pour de futurs quilts !! Merci pour les photos Chantal !

  4. These are beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  5. What a stunning collection! So jealous as it is ages since I have seen a really top quality quilt show. xx

  6. what an assortment of amazing quilts.

  7. Anyone is just stunning.thanks for the photos.


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