Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cut, cut, cut!!

Log, log, log!!

I've cut a lot of strips for my log cabin blocks. Wait! What? Those are not black?

What am I up to now?

Trouble! of course lol.

I was hoping to finish it before the full moon, but you know me, when I plan something it never falls through. So all I show you, for now, is this:

Aren't they pretty? I love it. They need one more round each.  No, no, I didn't start a new project I promise. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for the next full moon to see the finish product.

I am linking with Julie at Julie K Quilts for Log Cabin Lunatics. Hope to see you there.

Until next time ....



  1. I love your gorgeous blocks!!! I bet it is fun to play on your deck, in the open air!!

  2. Love it... you get so much done. I think the repeat blocks are so very effective.

  3. I love the layout of the darks and lights in your blocks! It will be fun to see how it turns out!

  4. Looking great - are they randomly pieced? I love the effect. xx

  5. J'aime beaucoup tes blocs de Log soooo scrappy !!
    Ton top va etre très sympa ;)
    Bisettes !

  6. All beautiful! Log cabins are such fun blocks to make, and the layouts are endless in their variety. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with these!

  7. Looking so good. I love Log cabins, and will be back to see what happens next.

  8. These are beautiful blocks. I look forward to seeing what you do with them


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