Saturday, 16 July 2016

Overworking the seam ripper!!

So much thread wasted this week. I didn't do much sewing, almost as much ripping! Getting nowhere fast on the 365 Challenge. Sighhhhhhhh!

I was in a poor state this week. Not up to par and had little energy. To finish the week on the same note, I heard of the attack in Nice on Friday morning, I cried and cried. I did a lot of praying and some hand stitching. Mes pensées sont avec vous, mes amies de France, xox. (My thoughts are with my friends in France.)  May you and yours, all be safe and sound.

Image result for drapeau de france

Back to the sewing room.

I did  finished Lotus (May 14th) after a few adjustments to the pattern.  (36 pieces) Much ripping here, too much ripping here actually!

May 15th, Ribbon Star, was pictured in a previous post (here).

May 16th, Double Windmills (21 pieces).  The last triangles were confusing me.

Some reversed stitching was needed here too.
It now needs some major trimming.

I love Winged Square (51 pieces) and I thought finally an easy one.  Right!! I ended up not sewing the blue at the right place on the first try. (Sorry, no picture, just take my work for it.) So this one met the seam ripper too. 

May 18th, Bird's Nest (57 pieces) which I had done before (see Finding Nemo here). The construction of this block is different from the way I've done it a long time ago. Again, out came the seam ripper to save yet another block from disaster as the Seminole sashing was uneven.

 (So many little bits of fabrics. All that sewing just for the sashing!!)

It is still a tad crooked but it will do. As long as it is 6.5 inches, this girl is happy. (It needs a trim too.)

Swing in the Centre (now there's a fun name!) (45 pieces)

Not a very beautiful block. If I were to make a quilt like this, it would be constructed with less little triangles. But, whatever! It is done!

Group photo of my 365 Challenge blocks for this week.  Total pieces : 210.

Also made two more tulips blocks for my MIL.

If I planned it right, these are the last of the tulip blocks. I will make something else as an alternative block.

Until next time...


Joining Angie for WIP's be Gone. 
Joining Cynthia for Oh Scraps!


  1. Hi Chantal I was using the seam ripper just before reading your post. The news about Nice was very difficult to hear/see and then we had Turkey. Sometimes I feel like burying my head in the sand. On another note your blocks are looking very beautiful.

  2. De très jolis blocs comme d'habitude Chantal !
    C'est très gentil de penser à la France après cette terrible tragédie. Ces gens sont fous.....
    Grosses bises et merci .

  3. Wow! Your blocks look GORGEOUS, as always!

  4. All of these are very complicated / my ripper would be right beside me !! Lovely work here !!

    I am afraid when I open the news on my computer each morning now ; who knows what awful thing will be occuring next in this gone-crazy-world :(

  5. Amazing! All those little pieces and you just kept ripping and going. I admire that as I sometimes just toss it aside for another day. Can't wait to see the finish. It would take me several years!! LOL

  6. Sorry you had to do so much stitch ripping but your blocks turned out great in the end.

    I too am very saddened by all of the violence taking place around the world and I grieve for all of those affected.

  7. I keep eyeing these blocks and thinking "maybe tomorrow..." At this rate, it's going to take me a long time to finish May!
    Yours are looking great, ripper and all!

  8. Well Chantal all that seam ripping was worth it as your blocks are beautiful. I especiall love the lotus and the one with the seminole sashing. Poor France has taken another bashing - everyone expected something during the Euro football and then relaxed a bit afterwards although there was a heavy police presence in Nice for Bastille Day. I feel so sad for all thode people who were just there for a fun evening and to enjoy their liberty which are two things that these nasty terrorists don't like.
    Have a lovely Sunday. xx

  9. I was complaining about the number of pieces I needed to cut for my alternating blocks for my Adrinka quilt, but almost as soon as I said it, I knew that that was probably the number of pieces in just one block for this project, and here you are showing several blocks with that many pieces! Wow. These blocks leave me in awe. So beautiful.

  10. Your 365 blocks and the Piece and Plenty blocks are all stunning! Glad you are sticking with it, well worth the effort.

  11. Thanks for sharing your lovely blocks with Oh Scrap! Thankfully we quilters can fix our blocks. If only we could apply the same principle to our troubled planet.

  12. your 365 blocks are beautiful! and i know, they can be horrible as well but persevere...hope you decide to continue...

  13. Hi Chantal, Nice attack is so very sad.... what horribleness. Well done with the blocks - they look amazingly fiddly - now I know why I am collecting them and not sewing them!!

  14. Your blocks look wonderful in spite of the awful week. The whole world has gone mad. I love the Winged Square. It's one of my favorite blocks. Here's to a better time for all of us this coming week.


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