Saturday, 9 July 2016

Hot Pink, Westering and group photos

If you follow my blog, you already know I love blue. Blue and orange. Not much of a pink girl. Having four men in the house is another good reason for not having a lot of pink in my stash. But I do have some.

My good friend Pink gave me the solid hot pink. (Thanks Pink!) It looked better with the other fabrics in my Peace and Plenty block than my dotted one, so I went with the solid one.

Here's my hot block ... oops! my hot pink block for July.

For participating in the Log Cabin Loonies, I have won a prize from Julie K Quilts . A lovely pair of scissors and they're pink too!!

Thanks again Julie.

Now how about a group photo? Would you like that?

Peace and Plenty  - 6 blocks done

I didn't do a brown block as I couldn't find one that played nice with the brights. I'll see at the end of the year if I need one or not. I love how it looks so far. 

On another front, the West front, haha! I am wagoner woman heading West with Barbara Brackman. 

The latest block is Hill and Hollow. 

I've added a little blue in this one as there was none in the previous blocks. A sweet friend of mine, told me that she was surprised, since I love blue so much, that I hadn't used blue yet. So I did, some "bleu de Provence", (or so I think it is) to represent the fresh water the travellers finally found on the very rough terrain. (While I sew, I listen to an audio book; Les enfants de la Patrie. It's about the WWI in France. Very good, but also so sad. )

I also added a little bit of cheddar. In the fabric selections made by Barbara, there is no cheddar in any of the many different selections she showed on her blog. I am surprised. I guess cheddar came later. Too bad I didn't notice that before making the block. Too late now, cheddar stays.

So this is all I have to show for now. I'll get back to the sewing machine, so many blocks to do, so much fun to have. But first, I have to visit Angela's place at So Scrappy for RSC2016 with a cup of coffee. Hope to see you there.

On Tuesday, I'll join Nicki at Mrs Sew & Sow for another Scraptastic Tuesday!

May you find some time to sew too.

Until next time...



  1. I love your Peace and Plenty blocks all together. That is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  2. I struggle to lay hands on pinks, too...
    I really love your Peace and Plenty blocks! (Since I'm making your last-year's pinwheels as one of my this-year's projects, maybe I should make your this-year's P&P blocks as my next-year's project, too? Makes sense to me!)

  3. I really like the westward block. The blue and cheddar add a lot.

  4. Your Peace and Plenty blocks look great together! I think you've used lots of "chocolates" in your Westering Women blocks, so that probably takes care of brown for you!

  5. Both sets of blocks are coming along nicely. Happy quilting!!

  6. The color choices you've made for the Peace and Plenty blocks are just right. They stand out nicely from the black and the multi. As for cheddar, just remember that orange was a popular color in pre-Civil War quilts. I have one myself and it could almost pass for cheddar. Your westering woman just had some very old scraps of it handed down and they cheered her up.

  7. Nice blocks..... I like listening to audiobooks too..........

  8. Your combination of peace and plenty blocks are wonderful. It's also fun to see the M&M figures peeking out.

  9. Bravo pour tes blocs même si tu n'es pas très rosé ! Ton bloc de BB est splendide avec ce cheddar ! Good idea my friend !

  10. Lovely group photo of the P&P blocks Chantal. I like the cheddar in this block; it's not so prominent that it upsets the balance.

  11. Piece and Plenty is looking very good. I'd have skipped brown too (although I might add in a gold if needed later).

  12. lovely blocks.... personally I think use the colours you like...

  13. I love the way that Peace and Plenty is looking, really great. I love your other blocks too! xx

  14. Ooh lovely to see you again but we limit everyone to one link up per month - you are welcome to link one of these posts next month! You choose... and wow the peace & plenty blocks are stunning!

  15. I really love those Peace and Plenty blocks. The fabrics you chose are perfect!

  16. Love Peace and Plenty and I love hot pink!! You sure love all those little pieces!! Love your blog!


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