Thursday, 7 July 2016

Another week done

Instead of working on my OMG, I've been sewing little pieces ...

Flower Garden Path - 56 pieces.
This block is new to me and I love it. (RSC 2017 possibility here)

Star and Cubes - 56 pieces 
(don't understand why suddenly the pictures are sideways.)

Four Times Nine - 45 pieces 

Chevrons - 54 pieces 

Kathy's Ramble - 72 pieces 

Friday 13th - 16 pieces 
This one asked for mitred corners and I skipped that. I framed it the easy way. 

Ribbon Star - 28 pieces 
I did do the mitred corners on this one.  Still need practising as they are wobbly but it looks pretty good in the picture lol.  The colours are very washed out as the sun is very present today. 

Group photo - 327 pieces 
So, another week of the 365 Challenge is done. Some of you might have noticed that I have skipped May 14th, Lotus. It was my leader - ender block as I was tackling the mitred corners and May 15, Ribbon Star got finished before. Lotus has a lot of pieces. It will be in the next post. 

Also did some tulips blocks. All the previous tulips blocks were remade and a few were added. Not sure how many I need as I am still not sure what I am making here. Not worried. It will come to me. ;^D

Joining Nicki for Scraptastic Tuesday. Hope to see you there.

Until next time ...

<:)))))> <



  1. Nice blocks..... Like the nine patch idea......

  2. lovely blocks and a heap of little pieces used! and your little bed of tulips is very pretty...

  3. Those look great! Ribbon star is my favorite.

  4. oh yes i do recognize those blocks...very nicely done too!

  5. Tu sais quoi ? tu deviens une vraie petite abeille !! :)
    J'adore tes blocs et les couleurs choisies !!

  6. Nice work on your 365 blocks and the tulips are very pretty. xx

  7. Oh! I'd better get busy and catch up - you're now ahead of me! (I got side-tracked, as I do...)
    I love your blocks, including those pretty tulips!

  8. Great blocks! Tulips are possibly my favourite flower...Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


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