Monday, 22 August 2016

365 Challenge: June begins

On the 365 Challenge project, I've (finally) started the month of June, which is the month with the most pieces so far, and the more pieces you have in a block, the more room there is for mistakes. (Please, don't ask me how I know!)

These are 6.5 inches blocks (finishing at 6).

The month begins with Arrow Points - 61 pieces

Crow's Foot - 40 pieces

Fox and Geese - 57 pieces ( I love this one!)

Aunt Mary's Double Irish Chain - 32 pieces. It was calling for mitred corners and I kind of avoid escape skirted the issue by piecing it in a different order. Hehehe.

Odds and Ends - 28 pieces (another one I really like)

Reversed Flying Geese - 54 pieces but simple enough. In this one, I used many little leftovers from the blocks and made a random layout instead of the more colour shading unit the pattern called for.

Blythe's Best - 53 pieces (not as simple as it looks)

and group photo as usual

In this picture are 325 pieces for 7 blocks. Next block has 73 pieces and there's one with ... let's keep that for another post, shall we?

Grand Total of pieces sewn so far : 3 867 and counting!

Joining Love, Laugh, Quilt for Monday Making!

Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.

Until next time ...



  1. Your blocks look really complicated to make - and inspiring! I would love to join and even donate to the 365 Day Challenge 2017! I love how your blue fabric plays nicely with the brown! Stunning blocks! Congratulations!

  2. more lovely blocks... I do love the colours you are using

  3. Wow, so many pieces. I love your blocks. It is going to be such a lovely quilt.

  4. The browns and blues are so oretty together, but I am always amazed when you tell us how many pieces go into each block. Such tiny pieces!

  5. Your blocks are terrific! (I need to get back to mine...) (*sigh*)

  6. nice blocks...aug 22 is another biggie...

  7. Wow Chantal I love all this tiny piecing you do. You are really talented my friend.

  8. I'm making this quilt also and it IS a challenge. Like going to work; get up every day and MAKE A BLOCK. I can't let myself get behind as I know far I've made each block on the day it comes to the inbox. Thank goodness someone with a longarm machine is going to quilt it for me. It's going to be HUGE. Like your blocks.


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