Tuesday, 2 August 2016

OMG What will I do?

I have been thinking about my August's goal since last week and all I have achieved is to make the list of choices longer! Duh!

So many of you mentioned that I should continue on my hexi quilt that I will go with that!

Before I can applique the borders, I need to deconstructed what I had previously HAND SEWN.

Since I was afraid the batting would peek thru where the hexies join, my stitches are very small and tight.

Because of its shape, some sides of the hexi are cut on the bias. As I am unstitching  these, I have to be careful not to pull too much on the fabric. These hexies don't have their papers underneath for support and they can easily warp.

It will be a slow process but one I need to do.  I have learned so much while making this first hexagon quilt and how to add a border is just another lesson. Learning something new is never a loss. Therefore, deconstructing the border on my quilt is a win! (Riiiight!! Keep saying that, Chantal!)

My friend Pink came over last Friday and we talked about quilts. (Ain't that odd or what? lol) I had this picture in my head of what my hexi quilt will look like in the end, and the borders were navy blue. I have stopped at a wrong place I think because both ends finish with a dark diamond. I don't like that against the navy blue. So Pink said "Use a different fabric! " This kid is too smart! Now, I am hunting my stash for something I like.

I am joining Heidi at Red Letter Quilts for OMG as my August's goal is way over my head, definitively boring, prep the sides of the quilt so they are ready for applique.

Until next time ...



  1. Tedious but necessary. Good luck. xx

  2. Oh dear! You are clearly determined to finish this well, which is a good sign. I know where one of my quilts would be with such a problem! Good luck, Chantal, and keep working on it!

  3. You've got this! It's just a different version of slow-stitching, right? Slow un-stitching...

  4. slowly but surely you will get there... looking forward to seeing what background you choose.

  5. I hate deconstructing something I have worked on. But so often when I do, I realise I could not have lived with it the way it was. So I sigh, take a deep breath and grab the unpicker. Your quilt looks just lovely. I am sure you will be pleased you took the time to fix that border.

  6. A true labor of love! Good Luck and do not settle on border fabric that is anything less than perfect!


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