Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Surprise Mail

The surprise box from Suebee's World has arrived from Florida today and (sssssqueeeeaaaalllll!) it is sooooo full of great goodies. Want to see?

When Sue says she filled up the box to the top, she isn't exaggerating one iota!!

I opened the box in the car with my car key as I couldn't wait until I got home to have a peek! (you know, ADHD people are like that.) That's when I started to squeal (and haven't stopped yet)!

Between the box and the lid there is a pattern tucked in there. That's how full the box is!!

Ta-dah!! It's the kind of package that once it's opened, you can't closed properly anymore. 

Sue managed to put all this in an 8 X 8 box. Wow!
Now, let's see what's in there. (Squeal!)

A quilt pattern from Atkinson Designs called Cheese and Crackers. A Sweet Treat Bag pattern by Moda and a messenger bag kit by My Mind's Eye. So cute, all of them!

Eight fat quarters of flannel. (I love flannel!!) Just in time as I have started to think of playing with my flannel bins.  A jelly roll named Aviary from the Three Sisters for Moda. So soft colours in this one. Yumm!

Needles, two spools of thread (the kind I use for hand quilting : Mettler and Gutermann) in pink. How did she know which colour I was missing ? A charm pack named Wildflowers by Sentimental Studios for Moda. A package of blades, embroidery thread, a measuring tape, a heat bond tape, and another jelly roll ... in soft blue! (laying opened under the measuring tape)

Nope! Not done yet. There's still more.

A variety package of cords to make necklaces from Jewelry Fundamentals (necklace making is something I want to try with the origami butterflies. Again, how did she know?) A compartment organiser for the little things needed for the butterflies and necklaces, I suppose. (so thoughtful!) A mini charm named PotLuck from Moda. A bag of hexagon templates.

Am I thrilled or what?

But wait, that's not all!!

She even gave me some of the lovely fabrics she used to make tote bags I admired so much on her blog. I can now have a tote bag just like hers. YAY! You can see the fabric underneath all the goodies in the fourth and sixth photo.  You can see Sue's lovely totes here.

Sue, you are soooo generous ! I thank you so much. I totally appreciate Every. Single. Item!   :^D

I know someone who can't wait for some sewing time. Do you?

Until next time ...

;^D   (ssssqueeeaaalll)

P.S. I wrote this post late last night and before publishing this morning, I thought of adding  a couple of pictures.  This morning, I couldn't stop myself from playing with the Jelly Roll Race "fabric" that Sue didn't like so much. Here's what I got so far. 

I believe I have enough for two tote bags, so I'm auditioning some fabric for the handles. It's always more fun to play with other people's stuff, isn't it?  :^D


  1. What a big box of fun! Have fun playing with all those new toys. (And yes, it really is more fun to play with other people's stuff!)

  2. Wow, that`s great.Have fun playing with your goodies!!

  3. ooooh.what fun... so great getting a prize like that and clearlyyou are filled with inspiration straight away

  4. WOW!! What a great surprise! enjoy!

  5. That is one super box of goodies. You are a lucky lady indeed!


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