Wednesday, 31 August 2016

OMG 72 000

Oh! My! Gosh! I almost forgot to post about my monthly challenge. So many things happening outside the sewing room, that I haven't been in blogland in a while, well a week actually but regardless, I'm happy I didn't miss it. Let me show you what I DID ... and DIDN'T do. :^D

I hope you can see the subtle damask sort of design on this tone-on-tone cream /butter fabric. It is very lovely and I had it since ... been saving it for ... ever, you know that kind of fabric. Well now, I DO have a project that deserves this fabric.

Yep! It will be the border on the hexagons quilt. It's actually a bed sheet 104 X 101 inches. Pretty sure I have plenty to go around the quilt, lol. I DID try many, many yardage and some were too small or down right not playing nice with the quilt. But look at this one ...

Yes, I like it a lot.  The photo doesn't do the fabric justice. (blame the photographer lol. ) (A better picture is come up shortly.)

Remember this picture? I DID manage to remove all the border that was already attached to the quilt.  I was so afraid of piercing the fabric. But that's some thing I DIDN'T do. Yay!

This picture shows the fabric in all its beauty. 
Because the sides were done, I had picked out all the paper from the hexagons. Needless to say, reversed stitching three sides was a slow process.  I DID only one blooper. I am sooooo impress with myself!

The border was navy blue and this diamond is also navy blue. In my defence, I have to say it happened while I was watching the Olympics. My thoughts were more on my team than my quilt. (For those of you who want to know: both - the quilt and team Canada - lost. :^( And it's not because I didn't cheered them on.) On the bright side, it is just undone and not a hole. It'll a very quick fix. Yay !!

Now, you would think I had started to attach this new border on, right? Nnnope! That's the second thing I DIDN'T do. BEcause ... I want to applique some ... diamonds? rosettes? Which one would look better ? Both ? Another thing I am unsure about is, since the sides of the quilt are much more straighter than the top and bottom, am I suppose to cut the top and bottom borders larger than the sides or all the same? At the moment they are all 7 inches. I truly appreciate your input on any of these questions or other suggestions, as always. ;^)

Now, you might have asked yourself what this has to do with the 72 000 in the title. Well, I just wanted to write it down so I remember. When I open my blog today, the pageviews was 72 000. For real! I thought that was cool.

Okay, back to business. For my September OMG challenge, I know that I DON'T want to work on this project. I want something else but ... not sure what. Let me sleep on it.

Until next time ...


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  1. oh my goodness, what a difference the cream makes ... it's perfect!!! sorry I have no advice to give with regards the it together and look at it??????? (that's helpful isn't it?)


  2. oh that is a difficult job unstitching EPP when you have already pulled out the papers........I am glad you did though it will look better on the cream........

  3. It does look good on the cream. I'm very impressed with the extent of this e.p.p. it's a long term project for sure.

  4. I'm with everyone else--the cream is looking wonderful! It's going to a beautiful quilt!

  5. I'm glad your border removal went as smoothly as it did! Such a big job, and no fun at all.
    I'm joining the chorus - the cream is going to be beautiful!

  6. It looks fabulous on the cream Chantal. Good job with getting all that unpicking done. I think if you are wanting to mitre the corners of the border they will have to be the same width. If not then you can choose what width you like.

  7. As if your damask has been patiently waiting for it's true purpose! I like the border widths in your photo, the widths look pretty even. Applique would be beautiful, something I have little experience with! Your patchwork is absolutely stunning on it's own though, and I wonder if you'll need more than 7" with applique added?

  8. Again I like your choice of background fabric - gorgeous. xx


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