Friday, 5 August 2016

Another Week Done, Another Week Late!

I finished another week of the 365 Challenge.  YAY!

Last time, I had done all the blocks up to May 19th. So on with May 20th which looks like this;

Weathervane - 37 pieces

May 21st - Arrow Crown - 81 pieces

May 22nd - Corn and Beans - 44 pieces

Union Star for May 23rd - 45 pieces (I can see this as a RSC block) :^D

May 24th - Night and Noon - 33 pieces

May 25th - Cut Glass Dish - 60 pieces (I love this one. Maybe for RSC too?)

May 26th wants to be funny and keeps flipping to its side, oh well! It is Strawberry Smoothie (which I now call Strawberry Wine lol). It has 29 pieces.

Making a total for the week of   329 pieces. Only 5 more block and the month of May will be done. Since we are already in August, that means I am nine weeks behind. I am one week later than I was before. Oh well. Life happens! Sometimes it happens like this;

We had to remove my favourite spruce to make the driveway larger.  We have a car and a "tank" (my van) plus a company van that DH drives to work. Last month, DS1 bought a car which gets to park in the garage and our car now sleeps outside. (Since it's an old thing and his car is newer, we don't mind.) On weekends, when all the vehicles are parked, it can get tricky for me to come out of the garage with the tank. So, we waited until all the nests in the tree were empty and doom day came during the long weekend of August. Darn!! (I have already planted another one in the backyard. :^D) The lower branches were more than six feet long. It did took a lot of space. The boys dragged all the branches into the backyard. There's pine cones everywhere. Sooooo many pine cones! This tree was an excellent bird feeder. Sigh! This week end, DH and the boys will deal with the stump. Next year, we might finally get the driveway paved. Maybe.

Anywho! I have to get back to un-stitching hexies and stitching the last of May.

Until nest next time ...


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  1. Hurray for more 365 blocks! Well done!
    And sorry about your tree...

  2. Your fabrics are gorgeous! It doesn't matter if it's behind. It's progress!

  3. I've just loved seeing all these traditional blocks. This is going to be soooo good once you've finished it. xCathy

  4. Ouiiiii tes blocs sont fabuleux ! Ces couleurs...j'adore!

  5. Shame about the tree - always sad to see one go. Your blocks are so lovely. Hope it's a good weekend for you. xx

  6. Beautiful, beautiful blocks! You did good work this week! Whoop whoop!!

  7. Your blocks are just stunning.... and so many little pieces. What a shame about the tree but it's great you have another one planted to enjoy..


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