Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Whatever Wednesday

Not a quilting post but still about fabric.

Sue at Suebee's World had sewn a Jelly Roll together but didn't like it much.  She gave me a large piece of it and I had fun hunting some matching fabric in my stash. This past weekend, this mess slowly  ...

... turned into this:

horizontal bag
and then, this:

horizontal bag from other side and vertical bag

I so love my new bags. I did remove a few of the strips from the horizontal bag as it made it too deep. I used the strips for the handles of bag #2 on the right and the inside pocket.  The outside pocket fabric comes from my stash. I think it works well.

The green lining fabric was bought when I did DS1 last quilt (named "Take 21") but I didn't liked it. I sure do like it in this project though. The handles are the leftover binding from a quilt named "Far Away". The bags look very beach-y and summer-y, you know, fun bags!  Thanks again Sue!

I prepped 24 butterflies to decorate a dozen hair pins. I will bring these to the craft sale in October. Can you image that it's in two months ? Gosh! I have to hurry on these projects.

I had a lovely visitor on Monday. The rain had finally stopped and I stepped outside to find Mr. Neighbour's cat strolling in my backyard.  He is usually very shy and skittish, and I can't approach him much.

On Monday, he must have been happy to see me too because we played together for more than 30 minutes.  I had so much fun. I so miss having a cat.

He has a very soft purr, very low. I don't know his name. I should ask Mr. Neighbour.

Not sure the chickadees would appreciate me having a cat!  _^..^_

Anywho! Back to fabric. 
When the time comes, I will link up with:
Cynthia for Oh Scraps!

as it might inspire others who hoard fabrics love projects made with scraps. :^D

Until next time ... 



  1. Whoa, Chantal! I love what you have done with my lemon of a quilt! You surely turned them into lemonade. I really love the handles on the first tote and I would never have thought to use them vertically...good thinking. I'm really glad you are having fun with the box.

    I love the butterflies also..I will have to check them out. And Mr. Neighbor's cat is so pretty. I love cats especially when they are happy and purring.

  2. Tes sacs sont très réussis bravo ! Et j'adore comme toujours tes petits papillons !
    Ton viteur est très mignon mais je pense que c'est UNE visteuse car elle a 3 couleurs. Si tu as joué avec elle, elle reviendra et se rapprochera de toi. Sois patiente !

  3. Lovely, happy bags! I have several of the butterflies I made from your tutorial, it was nice to see yours!

  4. I'll bet your sweet little kitty friend will be back to play with you again soon!
    Love the bags! Perfect use for the jelly strips!
    And those butterflies are adorable!

  5. Wow - those are great bags! Lovely colors

  6. They are fun bags. I especially like that you used someone else's cast-offs to make something so useful. Great job!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  7. What a perfect way to use up some jelly roll strips that didn't work for someone else! I love your summery bags, and I bet you'll get a lot of use out of them!

  8. The butterfly pins would be good accents for bags and purses too! I followed your tutorial for them and made a few, but now I think I'll make some to go onto some little purses I'm making.

  9. Great use of those adopted strips! The colors are so pretty. Thanks for sharing these great ideas with Oh Scrap!

  10. Very pretty bags Chantal. My favourite colours. I'm sure the chickadees hate the cat if he's anything like mine.

  11. Bags and butterflies are such great things to make from scraps! What fun! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday.

  12. Great use of Sue's unliked quilt!

  13. Cute bag! Great way to repurpose!
    Butterflies are super cute too!

  14. They say Beach Bags to me. Very lovely!

  15. They say Beach Bags to me. Very lovely!

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