Monday, 22 September 2014

Catch Up

We had another showing of the house for sale this Sunday.  So after the visits, I was able to catch up on a few things like Marcus Designer Sew Along.

The dark corners on this one do nothing to me so I made another one.

Oh yes! Much better wouldn't you say? Oops I switch the direction of the corners. Not paying much attention am I?

I took pictures of the blocks really quick between two showers. As you can see in the pictures, the deck is barely dry. It has been a very wet weekend. Anyway, on with the blocks.
Next is the block from week number 7.

Not much of a cheddar colour but the other fabrics I have kept stealing the show so I went with this one.
Then I did the block from last week which is week number 8.

Oh isn't it cute? I love this block.  For those of you who follow the Sew Along and those of you who have seen this block everywhere in blogland, did you notice something? Was Rebel playing in my sewing room again? No! It was pure lack of attention (again?). I sew it all up, looked at it and I was happy with my work. Then, while I was pressing it something was nagging me. I fired up the computer back on again and went back to the post from Homestead Hearth blog to see what was wrong. Oops. I was so sure I had it all memorized. Since I am not one to undo something when it is more fun to redo the same thing ...

sorry for the fuzzy picture
I made another one lol. Okay so out of the 8 blocks, I had to redo 3 of them. Not a very good score!  I seem to have some problems with the "picking the right fabric" part. I think I need more practice. Sew on I will continue.  ;^)   I don't think this one will end up as a mug rug. I think it will become the center block for ... something! I haven't thought it through yet .... but like, something with borders ... and ... well, yes, still pondering.
Anyway, I am all caught up on the Marcus Designer blocks and the laundry, and the mending and ... NOT at all on the hand sewing part. Poor little me, I have a big bunch of hand sewing to do tonight while I watch something on TV. LOL. I had so much fun and hope I can do this again tonight.  Hope you find some time to have fun too.

Until next time  ...   SM;^)LE  ...  it doesn't use up all of your attention.


  1. I think all of your blocks look great - even the oopsies!

  2. I love the oops block the very best!! All of them are really, you had a productive day!

  3. I love your blocks, even the oops ones! ;-) I can't wait to see yours all together. I'm saving the steps ... I wanted to follow along but I knew that with DD's birthday, our guild retreat, and 2-1/2 weeks away on vacation ... all in September. I'd never be able to keep up. ;-)


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