Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Still catching up

Some of you might remember these blocks for this past summer, (did I just say the summer is past? Nooooo!!)

 These blocks were started with the encouragement of Judy from Patchwork Times.  It was the Scrap Challenge of 2014. It was cancelled back in May and I decided to continue the fun.

I did a Prairie Queen block to add some orange and green.  I also did this summer, two spool blocks more than shown in the pictures . 

And then they were put away because the inspiration and the fun had fizzed out. Well, this week end, I decided to get it done NOW!

All that was missing were three 9-patch blocks. That's it!! I chose some blocks and out came the scraps and I sat down at the sewing machine and look, it is done!! 

It was challenging to take pictures on Monday as it was very windy. 

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It is just a lap size quilt. I know it is asking for a border, but the thing is I don't know which colour it wants.  As I am looking at the downloaded pictures, I think a beige and a green border would look good. Maybe?  Too much?  I know red would look good but I would like to keep it neutral.  My intention is to give this one to a charity and if it is giving to someone in a wheelchair, I would like a man to be as happy about it as a woman would be. You know I mean? Maybe just beige border and a darker binding? Oh the possibilities!!! 

Since I have other projects to work on, I will put this one on the back burner for the moment.  We'll see what it has to say for itself in a little while.  

Until next time .... SM;^)LE ... it's always possible. 

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  1. great use of the scrap blocks... it will tell you what border it wants! Great place to send a quilt...


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